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SO, I am on a quest to build castle. And I am figuring out various ways to do it. Mostly it’s about raising the funds. You can join me in the Gothic 3 game on Twitch. There we enjoy the game and talk about the castle quest.

There is a beautiful poetry to it. We really do live in the matrix. We are playing a game in a virtual world where these are castles, knights, and all of that good medieval stuff. And, we are manifesting a real castle, and all that good medieval stuff in this matrix world that we live in.

Here is a link. Every Night at 9PM Eastern Standard Time.


The Angel of Death and the Sculptor

The Angel of Death and the Sculptor by Daniel Chester French

This is a sculpture at the Metropolitan Museum of Art in New York city.

I think we should all take the time to consider what the sculptor is trying to say to us. Especially considering that his hand, as a sculptor, was stopped by the Angel of Death almost 100 years ago.

Anyway, this is part of my series of pictures, articles, and videos, of my adventure around the beautiful country of America. The journey took me six months and I visited all 48 states.

Want to read more of my thoughts about the Angel of Death and the Sculptor? I have an article here. http://www.stormthecastle.com/medieval-america/the-angel-of-death-and-the-sculptor.htm

The Unicorn Tapestries at the Cloisters

The Cloisters Museum in New York is my favorite museum in all of America. It is the only one devoted solely to the medieval period. It has a lot of wonderful and amazing art. And one of the most famous things it holds is a collection of Unicorn Tapestries dating, of course, to the medieval period. If you love museums and are in New York I highly recommend you stop in The Cloisters.

One of the Unicorn Tapestries at the Cloisters Museum in New York

To see more of these tapestries visit my webpage at: The Unicorn Tapestries

Do you have 3.5 Million I could borrow?

On my trek around America I visited a whole lot of castles. I remember this particular castle very well for two reasons. First off it is privately owned so I could not get close to it. I did get pictures from afar though.

And secondly, rumor has it that this castle was the inspiration for the castle of the Wicked Witch of the west in the movie The Wizard of Oz. It certainly has that look.

Castle Rock in New York, from afar.

Anyway, I do like this castle a lot. It has a great feel. And come to find out it is now for sale for 3.5 million US. It’s a hundred years old and I have no idea what kind of upkeep has been going on with it. It could be in pretty bad disrepair. Dunno. But, in my mind, owning a castle that sits overlooking the Hudson river is worth 3.5.

The Medieval Box and William of Gellone

I absolutely love this little wooden box.

I have visited museums all over America. They are fantastic. And of all them I have a favorite. It is “The Cloisters” in New York city. It is a subsidiary of The Metropolitan Museum of Art (The MET). And it is the only museum devoted solely to the medieval period of time.

It is so devoted to it that the building itself is from the medieval period. Monasteries, Cloisters and portions of other buildings were purchased in Europe, dismantled and shipped here to be built into a museum. Kind of cool.

The Cloisters Museum in New York City

Well, inside this museum is my favorite piece. It is a simple walnut box called a coffret. And the images painted all over the box tell a story of William of Gellone. How he wanted to re-capture the city of Orange. He dressed as a spy and attempted to deliver a false message. But, fell in love with a muslim princess and was discovered and thrown in jail. There is more.. I have written more about William here

The coffret

Well, the point of my blogpost here is to tell you about my tutorial to make this box out of black foam board. It was on my list for a long time and it came out really good! If you want to make this box the tutorial is right here: Make a Medieval Box (coffret) I use mine to hold office supplies; pencils and stuff like that. Here is a picture of the one I made. And you can make too.

Stamp collecting and Castles

I love both of these subjects and they nicely overlap as hobbies.

Stamp collecting seems to be experiencing a rebirth. People are getting interested in the hobby again. Woot! It is one of my favorite hobbies.

One of the things I like about stamp collecting is how it can enhance other pursuits. As an example I am a real big fan of castles. And well.. all over the world, and throughout the history of stamp collecting, there have been issues of many different castles on stamps. Got to love that!

Edinburgh Castle Stamp from the UK.

This particular style of collecting is called “Topicals” because the stamps are all about a certain topic. And just about any topic you can think of is covered from puppies to astronauts.

So, if you have been thinking about starting up the hobby give some thought to the idea of starting with topicals. It’s really a lot of fun.

My castle stamp collection is quite large and I keep it all in a special book.

If you want to learn more about stamp collecting I have a whole section of my website devoted to it right here. And I also have an article devoted strictly to the subject of collecting topicals.

Paper Castle and More Paper Castles

I have had an obsession with castles for a long time.

And this obsession took a peculiar turn when I got a Christmas present from a family member.

I had never thought about the possibilities of paper castles until I got the christmas present of a cut and make paper castle (Caernarvon Castle).

My first paper castle

And I was hooked! I absolutely love this kind of project. And since that first paper castle I have made quite a few more of them. But I also have expanded my love of paper castles into the realm of designing and printing my own paper castles. Yup… and they are all available for free right here on my website. So, if you want to make a paper castle but don’t want to spend any money feel free to either follow my tutorials on how to do it or even download one of my free packets that you can print up and make.

I promise lots of free fun.

Here are my paper (and cardboard) castle making projects for you:

Easy Paper castle for kids to make

Some paper, some glue and four bathroom tissue tubes is all you need to make this castle It’s very popular with kids and I have hundreds of pictures sent in from people who have made this project. You can do this project right here: Make a Paper and Cardboard Castle

Merry Mead Paper Castle

This is a pdf that you download, cut out and glue together. It includes everything you need. And it comes with all the instructions on how to make it. Download this free pdf right here: Merry Mead Paper Castle

Castle – in a box

This is a fun little project. You download it, print it up, and put it together. It is inspired by the Japanese art of Tatebanko which is a scene box. In this scene is a castle. Castle in a box

My latest project is a castle made out of a single cardboard box. It is a fun and easy box project. And the kids will love it. There are two benefits to this project. First you have the fun of making the castle; and second you and the kids have the fun of using the castle for play! I love it.

You can watch the video tutorial on my youtube channel right here: Make a castle out of a cardboard box.