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My new Cardboard Box Projects Book

I love cardboard – It is amazing!

When I was a kid growing up my dad working in a factory that made cardboard and cardboard boxes. He operated a machine called “The corrugator”. That’s the machine that puts the wrinkles in the center of sheets of cardboard sheets. In the industry they call that fluting. And these corrugations are what make cardboard so strong.

So, pretty much since childhood I have been using cardboard to make all kinds of creative projects. And this is where my latest book comes from.

The book is done and I have gotten some help with editing and am currently doing a minor re-write. It’s a great book and it gives a whole lot of different types of projects that can be made from a cardboard box.

Now I am looking for a publisher or an agent for this book.

If you want to have some fun making things with cardboard check out this section of my website: Cardboard Box Projects

Make a puzzle out of cardboard

I really have a fascination with what you can do with cardboard.

I don’t think I ever mentioned it but when I was a kid growing up my dad spent his whole working career at a cardboard box factory. Yup. He operated the corrugator that put the wrinkled layer in the middle of cardboard.

So, It is understandable why I have always been fascinated with cardboard. Well, I do have a book of cardboard projects coming out…. and here is my latest project. It’s a fun and easy puzzle you can make.

With the big thing being that you can use your own picture to personalize the puzzle.

The tutorial, with video, is here. Make a puzzle on cardboard

cardboard puzzle

Make a mini cardboard catapult

I have an obsession with siege engines

And I have completed a tutorial on how to make a powerful little catapult out of cardboard. It’s a fun little project and all you need is a piece of cardboard, a rubber band, a toothpick and some glue. I also give you the template which makes it very easy for you to make.

You can make one and then compete against somebody else to see who’s catapult goes the furthest. You can also use the same catapult to compete with someone else and try to get the projectile into a cup.

There are lots of creative and fun ways you can use this catapult.

The tutorial for how to make it is on my youtube channel right here: Make a Miniature Cardboard Catapult

A Cardboard Tank!

The neighborhood kids really love this project – although the wheels didn’t last long!!

The Cardboard Tank

I put this together with a random mish mash of cardboard boxes. THere is an entry door in the back and a hatch on the top so the tank commander can stick his head out and look around. Just like a real tank!

This project is not going to be in my cardboard projects book but….. just like the cardboard rocket, if I write a book of big cardboard project this is definitely going in it. And I will surely upgrade those wheels.

Make a 1 Box Cardboard Castle

It is a very popular project and a cardboard box lends itself perfectly to making a castle.

My website is called and that is because I love everything castle! I already have lots of castle making projects and this one is my newest and my most funnest. You can turn a single cardboard box into a nice little castle -easily.

Watch my youtube video to find out how to do it:

A proposed cover for my new book

This book is not published but it is written. Here is a fun cover that I made.

It is all about making functional projects out of an Amazon box. The focus is on creativity and fun!

Possible book cover.

Let me know what you think about this cover! And… let me know what you think about the book! We are all getting lots and lots of boxes from amazon and they don’t all get recycled. So… don’t throw it in the trash.. make something with it!!!

A big Cardboard Rocket

I had a couple of big boxes and figured this would be a fun project for the neighborhood kids.

Off to space!

I have been working on a book of cardboard projects. What a fun project and a fun book . There are lots of easy to make projects in the book. Regrettably I didn’t put this rocket project in the book. I might end up writing a book about how to make big projects.

Oh and the Neighborhood kids love this rocket!!

Make a Marshmallow Crossbow

This is one of my favorite projects. It is so much fun. I recommend you make at least two so battles can take place.

The mini marshmallow crossbow.

SO easy to make…. and darn powerful. And it is very safe. THe only negative about this is that a week from now you are still going to be finding mini marshmallows under the couch!

You can check out the tutorial on my website here

You can also watch the video tutorial right here without leaving this page.

Lockdown Project: Paint Rocks

The kids are home. Here is a project they will love.

When I came up with the idea for this project and suggested it to the neighborhood kids they got really excited. It is truly a fun project that needs very little supplies – and the kids really love it!

I even used glow in the dark paint and a black light flashlight to make them glow.

You can watch the youtube tutorial right here on my blog or on youtube.