Review of The White Queen

the-white-queenI had the opportunity to watch the first episode of the new Starz series “The White Queen”. My cable provider (comcast) offered it free. Let me get you to it right away. Overall it was pretty good. I would give it a B+. And in comparison I would give “Game of Thrones” an A+. It is only natural to make this kind of comparison.  Part of this rating is budget. They clearly didn’t have the money that was spent on Game of Thrones. Part of it is writing and acting. We just don’t have that indescribable thing that makes GoT what it is.

It takes place during the end of the War of the Roses, which was a battle between house Lancaster and house York. It was a struggle for the throne. One family wore a white rose and the other bore a red rose, thus the war of the roses.

I was really struck by the strong archetypes in the show though. The White Queen herself is stunningly beautiful, fair haired, strong and driven almost solely by visions and the love of her sons and a man. Her mother (another wonderful archetype) is wise, strong and adept at manipulating the world.   One third woman of note is Margaret Beaufort , head of the house of Lancaster, once ally and now enemy to the queen. She has religious visions that her young son will one day be king.

It does take a different look at that earth shattering struggle. It focuses more on the woman and what they endured or created in their struggles. And while there is less sword-play there is no less danger or maneuvering. 

I don’t know how accurately the story stays to the actual war of the roses but I have a hunch they did a lot of research because the dates, names and overall story is accurate.

This first episode was good and it kept my interest, but it seemed like they tried to pack an awful lot into it! Common with the first reel of a series. They give you a lot because they want to get you hooked!

I am a big fan of all things medieval and I liked this show.  And the White Queen herself is an astonishingly beautiful woman, which is nice. But, I probably won’t subscribe and watch more.

You can check it out on Starz right here, you can watch the first episode free.

If you want to check out the series on amazon it is here: The White Queen DVD