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The completed diorama

This kit really is a great choice for making a diorama. It has a whole spectrum of materials that you use to make great looking terrain.

I have bought a whole lot of diorama making materials over the years and the cost of this kit was twenty bucks. It’s worth it.

Here is a look at the completed diorama.

The sardine box diorama

The kit is available on amazon here: Woodland Scenics Scene-A-Rama kit with water effects

Cardboard Diorama Base

I have been making dioramas for a very long time and I have bought/made a whole lot of materials. I just bought a diorama kit because I wanted an easy way to put together a diorama without buying all kinds of materials.

I bought this diorama kit made by Woodland Scenics. It cost twenty dollars. And it has everything to make a diorama with water. – everything except the wooden base you can see on the box.

Here is what comes in the kit:

The kit contents.

The sheets of cardboard you see there are part of the kit too. They are used if you want to put a background scene on the diorama.

This kit, is simply a great bargain. I have, over the years, bought a whole lot of diorama making stuff -a whole lot! And I was a bit surprised by how much comes in this kit.

About the base of the diorama

The wooden base shown on the cover is very nice but you really don’t need it. You can use a doubled up sheet of cardboard or foamboard. Or you can use a piece of plywood. Anything flat and reasonably strong will work just fine.

But I really like that base! So, I figured I could make one out of cardboard 🙂 Here it is right here:

I am really happy with it. It looks great. And I figured I could give the template for it to diorama makers. So, I have uploaded it to the website. This way you can make it too.

The tutorial for this project along with the template is here: The Sardine Box Diorama

Be sure to check it out even if you just want to see how I made the diorama and how it turned out.

And if you want to buy the Diorama kit it is on Amazon right here: Woodland Scenics SP4113 Scene-A-Rama Water Diorama Kit