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Make a mini cardboard catapult

I have an obsession with siege engines

And I have completed a tutorial on how to make a powerful little catapult out of cardboard. It’s a fun little project and all you need is a piece of cardboard, a rubber band, a toothpick and some glue. I also give you the template which makes it very easy for you to make.

You can make one and then compete against somebody else to see who’s catapult goes the furthest. You can also use the same catapult to compete with someone else and try to get the projectile into a cup.

There are lots of creative and fun ways you can use this catapult.

The tutorial for how to make it is on my youtube channel right here: Make a Miniature Cardboard Catapult

Bringing Products to Market

It’s an interesting thing, trying to bring a product to market. For years, with StormTheCaste I was adamant about just doing information but this year I set the goal to do five products that ┬ácompliment all our stuff. It does make sense. For instance I have a whole lot of terrarium tutorials and we now sell terrarium kits. It makes sense and the kits do well.

But, wow! is it is a challenge!! I never realized how much is entailed in trying to bring a product to market. It ranges from concept to development, design, production and even goes as far as securing a bar code for the product! Yup, got to have that bar code.

Well, Seeing as it has been a busy year all of that stuff is old hat for me now and product number four is officially for sale on amazon and on the website. The Goblin Catapult, Yay!

You would not believe how difficult this thing was to bring to fruition. I had to go through a whole lot of stuff including three different wood workers.  But all worth it.

The goblin catapult is here.