Quite Possibly the most remarkable Sword Melee ever put to film

I have watched a lot of medieval movies. I have pretty much seen them all multiple times.  And my favorite part of these movies is the big melee battles. They generally are very good. And I would imagine they are generally very difficult to film.

I just recently saw one that is head and shoulders above the rest. It is from Game of Thrones and it is episode 9 of season 6 (The Battle of the Bastards). And to be blunt I have never seen anything like it. Absolutely remarkable.

The whole battle is simply a masterwork that conveys things in such a remarkable way. And, of special note is the first two minutes of the battle. *minor spoiler alert: This is where Jon Snow first gets thrown into the melee. The confusion, craziness, unpredictability and energy of a battle like this is conveyed in such a remarkable way.

I was astonished by how well done this was.  I have watched the battlescene several times now and it keeps getting richer.

I just have to express kudos to the people that created this. They have done a remarkable job.  The whole episode is just magnificent.

I want to do a deeper analysis of the whole battle, how it progresses, how it unfolds and the tactics that are used but I just don’t want to spoil things for you.

 You can get the whole season or the individual episodes  amazon right here.


New Game of Thrones project


Well, I had a bit of fun with the last Game of Thrones project which was the throne with all the swords in it. I figured it would be fun to do another one. And it sure was.   talking about it with one of the employees she came up with the idea of casting another coin. This time it could be Arya’s coin, which is the coin of the faceless man. Sure enough, great idea so I went ahead and did that.

Funny thing about it though which is the way life is.

Before I started the project I checked to see that I had all the materials including the OOMOO rubber compound which is needed to make the rubber mold for casting the coins. Yup! Plenty of it.

So I moved forward with the project, sculpted the coin, etc. Come time to cast the rubber mold I open up the jug of rubber and it was rubberized, hardened and dries. Yikes!  and Drats!

So, off to amazon.com to order it. That will take a week. Then it was off to five different arts and crafts stores to try to get some rubber for mold. Nada! Nothing anywhere. I was quite in a pickle and I really wanted to finish the project. I needed the get the youtube video posted.

At one of the stores I spotted something called Super Mold Putty and I grabbed it on the off chance it would be an adequate substitute. I figured it was worth a try.

It is really easy stuff and quite a bit different than the oomoo rubber which is pourable and takes hours to dry. The super mold putty is two clays you mix together, wrap around your object, then wait twenty minutes.

Well! Much to my surprise it worked really well. The mold was terrific and the duplicate coins were perfect. And the Super mold putty has a heat tolerance of 300 degrees which means I also cast Bismuth coins which only heat to 212 F.

What about all that! Yay! I say. Nice little discovery. I love it when things go wrong. Sometimes it is actually right.  The process is easier, quicker and cheaper! Here is a pic of me taking the metal coin out of the mold.

This tutorial on casting coins is right here


The game of Thrones – Mini Throne

I just finished a fun little project. It is the throne from GoT. The fun thing about it is that I actually used mini swords to make it. Somebody had sent me the idea of forging duplex nails into tiny swords.

Sure enough that was a pretty neat idea and they come out great. BUt, somewhere along the line it hit me that they might be nice for making the Throne. So, here it is. It is composed of around 100 or so nail swords of varying sizes.

I started out with 18D nails to establish the major shapes. Then I filled things in with smaller nails.

You can watch a video of how this is made right here. If you want to learn more about the nail forging into swords thats on my website here. throne-game-of-thrones-2