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Final Fantasy online after the Apocalypse

I used to play Final Fantasy Online (11). And I really enjoyed it. I haven’t played much at all in the past year or so. And I haven’t logged in at all in the past three or four months. Well, just a few days ago I logged in and after waiting several hours while it updated and patched I finally got into the game…. and was shocked.

There was nobody there! Literally not another player anywhere in sight. I roamed around various places looking for anybody and didn’t see a single person!!! What the heck is going on. I felt like Charlton Heston in the Omega Man. Or, for the younger generation, I felt like Will Smith in I am legend.

Wow, had the apocalypse happened in the game? Was everybody dead? Did I somehow manage to turn a Multi Player game into a single player game?

Well, my guess is that everybody has migrated over to the new release of FF14. It’s a good guess. So what am I to do? Dunno. I don’t want to go to the new game. There is still lots for me to explore and conquer in this game.

I guess that is the way of the world, (even online worlds). They grow old and die.