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Review of Witcher 3 Blood and Wine







I have been spending some time playing the newly released Witcher 3 expansion “Blood and Wine”. And All I can say is that I am absolutely astonished.

I am pretty sure I have played every single medieval themed video game. Some are great and some are only so-so. But this whole Witcher 3 game, including the extra releases Hearts of Stone and Blood and Wine are absolutely spectacular.

Best game I have ever played. Yes, even better than Skyrim. And that is saying a lot because Skyrim is spectacular.

I absolutely love the game. It is a solid 5 stars.

I won’t really write about the Witcher 3 game in this blog post. I will pretty much give you my thoughts on the expansion Blood and Wine. It has been around for a while and there is lots of stuff written about it.

The company who created it has stated that this is the last of the Witcher Games and they kept this in mind when they created this final piece of the game.

The expansion opens up a whole new game region part of the world called Toussaint which is French. And everything in it is very much like the southern french country side. And it is remarkably beautiful.

And during his adventures Geralt gets a French vineyard, complete with grape vines, an herb garden and a beautiful chateau with a fully stocked wine cellar.








If I were to retire to anywhere in the world it would probably be the South of France. Years ago I even wrote an article about it.  It is a very special place in the world where the pace is slow and the feeling of life is different.

And it is here in this beautiful little piece of the Witcher world that Geralt finishes things up.

Couple of things to Note:

1. The game is absolutely beautiful. They used a newly upgraded game engine and it really shows. The level of detail is amazing and the love they put into everything really shows from the landscape and far off views to the buildings and cobblestones in the cities, towns and villages.

2. The Story – Like you probably do, with most games I generally click through a lot of the dialogue and cut scenes. Not a whole lot of interest in them. But I didn’t do this with this game. I watched every video and listened to every dialogue. I just had to. I didn’t want to miss anything. Everything was so compelling.  There was one point, nearing the end game where I just sat back in my chair and watched in amazement. And the thought came to me that I was watching a really engrossing movie. It was good. No desire to click through it.


Well, it is clear that I loved the game. And I find myself a bit saddened that it is all over. I will keep an eye on CD Projekt Red to see what they come up with next. But I am not hopeful. Something like the Witcher 3  is inspired. And that doesn’t happen a lot.

You can get the base game on amazon here: Witcher 3 Wild Hunt

If you already have the Witcher 3 you can get the Blood and WIne Expansion here





Showing some love for the Elder Scrolls Online (ESO)

Some thoughts on Elder Scrolls Online









I have been playing the Elder Scrolls games for a very long time. I go all the way back to Morrowind. I think that was at least ten years ago. So, when I heard that they were coming out with an MMO I was both hesitant and excited.
You see, I play the PC ESO games because I love the single player adventure. The open world is wonderful and not having to worry about the complications of an MMO also appeals to me. So? How would they handle an MMO? Would they ruin the whole point of the game. Would they ruin the series by just making another online game where you have to party up all the time and have to go through an endless grind to level up?

The answer, after a few months is NO! They did an amazing thing in my opinion. It is an online game and there are other players but it still has a distinct single player feeling to it. Pretty amazing job they have done!

Let me explain this a little bit more.

I Play ESO just like I played Morrowind, Oblivion, and Skyrim – as a hero adventuring through a very big and very open world. I still conquer all foes. Pretty much the same feeling.  What ESO has done is somehow made it feel like there are other people there if you need them. So, when I run across a difficult challenge, quest or boss there is usually another player or two around and we can team up and tackle the challenge together. We can group up or not group up. Yup! I fight, you fight and we take down the boss. We both get credit and we never had to group up.

Occasionally, when I run into something very difficult I just hang around for a little while and a few other adventurers will come by. Before you know it we have conquered the challenge together without even having to speak.

Kind of unique thing they have done here. MMO with a single player feeling to it.

So, I am thoroughly enjoying the game. And there is a whole lot more I can tell you about it. But let’s save that for some upcoming posts!