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Two New Batches of Mead

Well, it has been around 6 months since I made any mead and I have been itching to make some! I thought that a fruit mead would be good this time so I have started up four batches. Two of them are pineapple and two of them are peach. Yummie!

I thought that I would show people a couple of different methods when it comes to making a fruit mead so for these batches I have followed two different processes. In the first process I add everything right into the fermentation pail, including the fruit.

In the second process we are going to wait until first racking in 30 days before we add the fruit. This is a bit safer for the batches because once the alcohol content is built up there is much less risk of contamination from the fruit. I will post more stuff about these meads as they develop. For now you can watch a video of the airlock activity after 24 hours on my facebook page here: