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Had a wonderful spring day setting up a beehive

It was a beautiful spring day and I got a call from a friend. The shipment of bees had come in and she went and picked them up! Yay! So, today we set up the new beehive.









Let me tell you a little bit about setting up a beehive. It is an easy thing. And if you want to learn more about it I have a tutorial on my website right here. How to set up a beehive.

It all starts out by buying three pounds of bees and a queen! Yup, that’s how it is typically done. You buy it from a company and at some time in the spring they will contact you to let you know your bees are ready for pickup! The exact days will vary based on the bees, the queen and the weather. ┬áThis thing you get with the bees and the queen is called a ┬áNuc.

That screened box is the Nuc.









Inside that is a smaller cage with the queen locked in. That is to protect her and to allow the bees to get used to her. You take a cork out of that cage to allow them access to her.







So, Now you have free bees and soon to be free queen. You put these in your hive and put it all together. Voila! You have a beehive. There is a bit more to do, but not a whole lot. The bees do most everything for you.