My new Cardboard Box Projects Book

I love cardboard – It is amazing!

When I was a kid growing up my dad working in a factory that made cardboard and cardboard boxes. He operated a machine called “The corrugator”. That’s the machine that puts the wrinkles in the center of sheets of cardboard sheets. In the industry they call that fluting. And these corrugations are what make cardboard so strong.

So, pretty much since childhood I have been using cardboard to make all kinds of creative projects. And this is where my latest book comes from.

The book is done and I have gotten some help with editing and am currently doing a minor re-write. It’s a great book and it gives a whole lot of different types of projects that can be made from a cardboard box.

Now I am looking for a publisher or an agent for this book.

If you want to have some fun making things with cardboard check out this section of my website: Cardboard Box Projects

Interested in Blacksmithing?

I have an ebook, in various formats, that you might be interested in.

I wrote this book this year specifically for beginners who are unsure what to do and how to get started in blacksmithing. I walk you through all the basics in a clear manner with lots of pictures and images. This book will bring you to an understanding of blacksmithing. You can order it and learn more about it on my website here:

Will’s fast start blacksmithing ebook

A proposed cover for my new book

This book is not published but it is written. Here is a fun cover that I made.

It is all about making functional projects out of an Amazon box. The focus is on creativity and fun!

Possible book cover.

Let me know what you think about this cover! And… let me know what you think about the book! We are all getting lots and lots of boxes from amazon and they don’t all get recycled. So… don’t throw it in the trash.. make something with it!!!

Will’s Upcoming Book Signing Event

The Astronomical Society of Southern New England will be hosting my presentation and book signing event. I will be talking about the process of writing and publishing a book and afterward will be signing books.

The ASSNE is a vibrant organization with an active membership involved in amateur astronomy.  I am honored that they will be hosting the event.






It is at the Carpenter Museum on 4 Locust Avenue in Rehoboth Mass.

The date is February 10 at 7pm.


Will makes a guest appearance on a radio talk show to discuss his new Telescope book






My telescope book is published and getting wonderful 5 star reviews on amazon. I am proud of this and a bit humbled by it. It was a wonderful project and it is catching on.  I just did a radio interview with the famous Dr. Sky. He is a radio and television personality who bring the wonders of the sky to the people.  He has interviewed a stunning array of brilliant
and famous people on his show and he has appeared on many other shows including
a weekly installment on Coast to Coast with George Noory. Dr. Sky is the premiere Ambassador
between the wonders of the universe and the people.

You can listen to the interview right here:


Check out his Dr. Sky’s website here:

For more of his radio interviews go here:

His radio show on KTAR is here:

Radio Shows


My telescope book has been featured on

Telescopes, and astronomy hold an allure. There is an accompanying sense of exploration and discovery that comes with using a telescope.  So, they are often featured on science websites. Rightfully so. And one prominent science website has picked up my book and written an article about it and about the wonders of the night sky.  You can read the article on their website here.

I love the headline!

If you are interested in the book you can get it from my publishers website here:

See it With a Small Telescope at Ulysses Press

Or at amazon here:

See it With a Small Telescope on Amazon


Will’s Telescope Book is available for pre-order on Amazon

I am Proud to announce that my latest book is now available for pre-sale on Amazon. This has been a wonderful  project for me. It all came out of my love for astronomy and telescopes. My desire is that this book helps other people also discover the joy to be had with a small telescope.

See it With a Small Telescope – 101 Cosmic Wonders including Planets, Moons, Comets, Galaxies, Nebulae, Star Clusters and More.

Pre-order it on Amazon here:
If you order it be sure to send me a message so I can give you a thanks!

Book Review: Exploring English Castles

Exploring English Castles is available on Amazon

I was doing some research for my interactive castles of the world map when I stumbled across this book.

I  sent the author an email and asked him if I could get a copy for review. And he sent me one. My thanks go to him for that.

And I was so happy that he did because this is a terrific book. I Love it.  It is broken down into two sections and in doing so it covers two very important aspects of castles.

In the first section it covers the basics of  castles including their history, how they were built, how they changed, developed, fell into disrepair, and came back into prominence over the centuries. This is all good stuff if you want to learn about castles.

And in the second section we get a specific look at nine different castles. And we also get stories about them. And this is where the romantic and magical aspect of them comes through.  The author has chosen these castles because they represent the whole of castles in England and they each have remarkable stories to tell.

And these stories cover all of those wonderful things that we have come to think about when we think about castles including King Arthur, Romance, betrayal, murder, intrigue, sieges and much much more. This is some wonderful stuff.

Yes, castles are big stone structures and architectural marnd vels. They are quite wonderful in that aspect. But they are also the endeavor of humans, and being so means they have lots of stories to tell.

And this book captures it all very well. If you are a fan of castles and all that they represent from the architectural to the romantic and mysterious then this is a book well worth getting. I recommend it highly! It is loaded with fascinating castle facts and castle stories.  Five stars.