Monthly Archives: October 2013

It’s a big 12.5 inch Telescope! Yay!

Wow, this is quite a find. A friend lucked into a long term loan of a telescope. It is a 12.5 inch Meade Dobsonian. It is probably around ten years old and it has stood vertical with no cover for quite a while so the mirror needs work. We are going to have a lot of fun with this enormous light bucket.

The first order of work was a bit of cosmetic cleaning. Secondly we removed that mirror and tried to clean it. But that is a no-go. So…. it looks like we are going to have to send this thing out to get re-mirrored. Oh well!









The mirror is in pretty bad shape:








We tried cleaning it but the contamination has eaten through the aluminum coating. Drats! WEll, we technically still can use it. It just won’t be at maximum efficiency. I will keep you posted on this project!


The game of Thrones – Mini Throne

I just finished a fun little project. It is the throne from GoT. The fun thing about it is that I actually used mini swords to make it. Somebody had sent me the idea of forging duplex nails into tiny swords.

Sure enough that was a pretty neat idea and they come out great. BUt, somewhere along the line it hit me that they might be nice for making the Throne. So, here it is. It is composed of around 100 or so nail swords of varying sizes.

I started out with 18D nails to establish the major shapes. Then I filled things in with smaller nails.

You can watch a video of how this is made right here. If you want to learn more about the nail forging into swords thats on my website here. throne-game-of-thrones-2

The Great Helm is done yay!

I finally finished the helmet. I would say it probably took me a couple of weeks, not because it takes that long but because I just couldn’t get to it!

But I am very happy with the results and I learned a whole lot about armor making. Mainly that is more difficult than I thought! LOL


I used 16 gauge steel for it , which made it a bit of a challenge. And the riveting was challenging. I am going to have to get some more riveting tools.

Well, I have more armor coming so stay tuned. Hopefully I will do a complete set.

If you want to see how to make a medieval great helm the web based tutorial is on my website here: Make a Medieval Great Helm