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Final Fantasy online after the Apocalypse

I used to play Final Fantasy Online (11). And I really enjoyed it. I haven’t played much at all in the past year or so. And I haven’t logged in at all in the past three or four months. Well, just a few days ago I logged in and after waiting several hours while it updated and patched I finally got into the game…. and was shocked.

There was nobody there! Literally not another player anywhere in sight. I roamed around various places looking for anybody and didn’t see a single person!!! What the heck is going on. I felt like Charlton Heston in the Omega Man. Or, for the younger generation, I felt like Will Smith in I am legend.

Wow, had the apocalypse happened in the game? Was everybody dead? Did I somehow manage to turn a Multi Player game into a single player game?

Well, my guess is that everybody has migrated over to the new release of FF14. It’s a good guess. So what am I to do? Dunno. I don’t want to go to the new game. There is still lots for me to explore and conquer in this game.

I guess that is the way of the world, (even online worlds). They grow old and die.

Make a Medieval Wax Sealer


There is a bit of a sideways course I took with this project. I originally wanted to explore the wax of a wax seal. having raised bees I thought it would be interesting to see how regular bees wax is manipulated into seal wax. You know, the kind of seal wax that they used to seal envelopes in days gone by.

Well, I gave up the beehives for now. Not sure when I am going to get back into it. But, the idea of those old fashioned wax seals has stuck with me. ¬†And if I don’t have quick access to beeswax I still could do the stamper right? After all they do sell the wax specially made and pretty cheaply on

So that is what I have done. I went ahead and made a stamper tutorial. It was a lot of fun and I learned a few things along the way. I posted that video to YouTube and actually am quite surprised by how well it has done in terms of viewer interest. Even though nobody writes letters anymore they still find it an interesting project. Sometimes I think we all yearn to give up the email and revert back to pen and paper.

Here is the YouTube tutorial if you would like to learn how to make a wax seal. I make the seal and even show you how to seal an envelope. Kind of fun.

One person even left a wonderful and romantic comment on the video. Here is a quote:

“I kind of like the lore that could be behind that idea as well. Just think of a young knight wooing a fair maiden with love letters sealed with wax. She being the crafty little vixen she is, decides to wear his show of affection so he is with her even when he is away conquering lands!”