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The case of the mysterious spear

I got an email from a web visitor (Jerry) who found a very unusual weapon. It appears to be some kind of spear. Anyhoo, he asked me to identify it but I can’t! I have no clue as to what it really is. So, I figured I would post a couple of pics here and maybe somebody out there in the interweb can shed some light on this weapon. So, if you recognize this thing send me an email!

And if you want to see more pictures of this you can check it out on my website here: The case of the mysterious spear

He tells us a little bit about it:

Sometime over the past 40 years of antique collecting my dad came across this and we can’t seem to figure out what it is. Any idea?  About 6′ tall when 3 pieces are connected.  One end has basically a sword and the other is heavy blunt piece. Not machined and shows signs of age.  The middle is wood and the edged detach.

Addendum to this post. I got an email from a web visitor (Noah). He tells us that this is a Samburu Hunting Spear that has been modified for combat. My thanks go to him for this! If you have anything to add please send me an email.