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Enjoying the ESO Elder Scrolls online Beta

I have prepurchased the Elder Scrolls Online and have been looking forward to playing it. Well, because of that purchase I got an invitation to the Beta they had this weekend. It was a lot of fun. And here in this article I will give you my thoughts on ESO and how it is!

First off I want to say that this past weekend was a lot of fun for me. I enjoyed the game. I played about ten hours and one thing that was particularly fun was the underwear party! LOL

You might be wondering what an underwear party is. Well the Beta closed at midnight on Sunday night and there was a call out for people to gather at the fountain in their underwear to end the game. I couldn’t resist. I went and stripped down to my undies and joined in the festivities.









That’s me in the front there lying on the ground playing dead. My character name is Arabellis.

Now on to a bit about the game.

I have read a lot of stuff about this game and watched a lot of videos and people have talked a lot about how it doesn’t feel like an Elder Scrolls game. But I disagree with this. To me it felt a lot like an ES game. It just did. I have played almost all of them and have a good feel for them. For me this is a good thing because I love all the games.

And it is a pretty good MMORPG. It just is. Lots of things to do, lots of quests and lots of crafting to do. So it gets lots of pluses for this. But, it does feel a bit cookie cutter. It seems like a typical MMO game. Nothing really new and impressive about it. And that was a tad of a disappointment.  But it all ran pretty smoothly.

One important point for me.

I have played many multiplayer games like warcraft, shadowbane, UO and more. And while they are ok I am not a real big fan of them. This was the appeal of Morrowind and Skyrim for me. They are single player games. Yup. I like the PC single player games. So, ESO 5 being an online Multiplayer game was a bit of a chance for me. I wasn’t too thrilled about it.

But…… I did feel a particular something when it comes to this game. That was the fact that you don’t need to play it multi style. I did very well on my own and I never grouped up. And during a few difficult boss fights there were other players around that helped without grouping. They just joined in the fight. And I liked that a lot.

This seems to be a new thing in the MMO world and I like it a lot! So, big plus there!

One More Thing – Crafting

The crafting system seems to be pretty robust and I like that a lot. There are a lot of things to make and a lot of things to learn in the crafting system. They even have a thing called research where it takes a certain amount of real time hours to learn new skills. I like that too. It throttles back the fast advancement of crafting and reduces the repetition of making stuff.

Anyhoo, Overall I give ESO a B+ for being a pretty good game, good looking, pretty smooth and interesting. But it is definitely not a ground breaker like all the other games in the series have been.