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Dreams of a knightly life


About a year ago the Higgins Armory Museum (In Worcester Massachusetts) closed its doors for good.  What a shame.  They had such a beautiful collection of weapons and armor. I wrote about my trip there on my website here. I also have pictures:

Well, a company in London was assigned to auction off the assets. And I got on their mailing list. Once they got everything sorted and figured out they put together an auction and sent me an auction list complete with pictures, estimated prices and the days of the auction.

Of course lots and lots of things caught my eye. There was so much good stuff going up for auction. But two things caught my eye in particular. Stained Glass Windows. (They are both in this post).

And I thought to myself “Some people live an enchanted life, unlike the most of us”.

This is what I mean.

stained-glass-higgins-2There are people out there that would say. “Hmmmm…. I love these two stained glass windows going up for auction at a famous London Auction House. Let’s fly out to London for a few days, go to the auction, bid on those windows, spend a few of days experiencing Great Britain then come back – stained glass windows in hand.”

Some people have that capability in their lives. There is a flexibility that comes with having money. It isn’t just about buying things. It is more about being able to do and experience what is right in your life.

This is how a knight lives. He masters the times that he lives in. He experiences a life full of wonderful experiences. He sees a goal and goes and gets it -Slaying any dragons that need slaying.


Mild Winter perfect for a few extra blacksmithing projects

Well, December and the first few days of January have been unseasonably warm and I am very grateful for that.  Partially because it is quite unexpected and quite welcome. But also because it has given me a few extra days at the forge – Two easy knives


A railroad spike throwing axe – This is a fun one with some good basic blacksmithing lessons in it, foremost of which is how to pierce an irregular shaped hole in hot steel.








The second project is how to make a nice looking knife out of a piece of rebar. In this tutorial I show you a bit about turning metal.erce an oblong hole in steel.




two-man-hammerFinally, I have started but have not yet finished a two man job. We are turning a sledge hammer into an axe. Takes some pretty beefy moving of hot steel to shape this one.

So, been having a lot of fun at the forge. And hoping the weather will hold out for a while longer.

If you are interested in the art of blacksmithing you might want to check out my tutorials right here: The Art of Blacksmithing