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Coal or Lump Charcoal for forging

Blacksmithing is experiencing a renaissance. This is for a couple of different reasons. First off there is the internet! That has changed just about everything in the world.  Now you can learn about all kinds of things including blacksmithing. Everything is on youtube or google.

Secondly video games have had a tremendous influence on blacksmithing. There are so many games that have swords, knives, armor, shields and all kinds of medieval period weapons. And in many of these games you have to blacksmith the stuff up! Yup, it’s true. Video games have helped with the Renaissance of blacksmithing!!!

Now to my point. Coal for forging used to be difficult to come by? Who the heck was buying coal. Years ago I couldn’t get small amounts. And by small amounts I mean 50 pounds or less. I could get 100 pound deliveries but sorry. I just can’t keep that much coal around.

I even went as far as making my own hardwood lump charcoal for forging. that tutorial is here:


How to make hardwood lump charcoal for forging


But nowadays you can very easily get small quantities of coal. Yay!

The decision now is what kind of fuel should you use for forging? I have done a video showing some options and what the benefits of each are. Want to see a forge in action with a couple of different types of fuels? Check out my youtube video right here: Coal vs Hardwood Lump Charcoal