India, Castles and the Blurring of time

I spent some time in India last month and a whole lot of things struck me. One of which is the blending of the castles and architectural structures. What do  I mean by this? Well, time and people are a fluid thing. They meld, mold and change over time. It is an interesting thing. And we live in a snapshot of time. So it is difficult to really get a look at this changing. But, big stone castles and structures are a clue about this and can tell us a lot about this changing.

And in India it is very evident in the castles. Let’s take a look at the Red Fort in Delhi.
The outside is very european in flavor and feel. The walls, the towers etc. The overall cut of it minus the arched doorway of course.












Let’s move a little deeper into the actual structure and we see the Indian influence begin to take over.












And the deeper we get the more Indian in flavor, color and shape it becomes.












So, that is my thought on the malleability of time and how things change. Things are not locked in to one way, they change, are influenced by each other and change over time. And we are still in the middle of this beautiful river of it.

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