Moonlight Meadery


I spent last weekend on a mini vacation with family. We rented a chalet in New Hampshire and made the drive up there. On the way, just as we crossed the border into NH we stopped at the border liquor store. They sell a lot of stuff there because NH is tax free. So, a lot of people make the trip to save on taxes.

I had seen some things about a new Meadery in New Hamshire called “Moonlight Meadery”. So I figured that they might carry some of this mead in the NH Liquor store. ANd sure enough they did! There was a selection of their mead tucked in a corner of the store.

I was surprised to see that the bottles were the half size 375 ml bottles but after tasting it I understood why. Let me explain.

Moonlight meadery has made some really good decisions about mead and what their mead should be. They are dessert wines. Not to be had in large amounts. More of an aperitif. Something sweet to be enjoyed slowly and in smaller doses.

And… they have captured something really important when it comes to mead.  The ancient tradition of the honeymoon gifting. Yes… romance and love. This is what mead is all about. Or what it used to be about.

You see, in days of yore a newly married couple was given enough mead to last them a month. And this is where the term “honeymoon” comes from. The honey mead that was gifted.

Moonlight meadery has stayed true to that tradition and made their mead sweet, delicious and to be consumed in smaller amounts. Thus the smaller bottle.

Just the names are a clue to this. Here are some of the meads that they make:

Sensual, Je’ taime, First Dance, Slow Dance, Embrace, Flame and Wild!

Yup! Great names and great meads that recapture what mead used to be all about. Love and Romance 🙂

So, even though I drank my meads alone there still is hope for me! LOL

I bought both their Apple Pie and their Sensual and enjoyed them both.

If you are new to Mead I recommend giving this meadery a try. Particularly if you want something for you and your significant other to experience together.

Here is a link to their website if you want to give them a look: Moonlight Meadery