Mild Winter perfect for a few extra blacksmithing projects

Well, December and the first few days of January have been unseasonably warm and I am very grateful for that. ┬áPartially because it is quite unexpected and quite welcome. But also because it has given me a few extra days at the forge – Two easy knives


A railroad spike throwing axe – This is a fun one with some good basic blacksmithing lessons in it, foremost of which is how to pierce an irregular shaped hole in hot steel.








The second project is how to make a nice looking knife out of a piece of rebar. In this tutorial I show you a bit about turning metal.erce an oblong hole in steel.




two-man-hammerFinally, I have started but have not yet finished a two man job. We are turning a sledge hammer into an axe. Takes some pretty beefy moving of hot steel to shape this one.

So, been having a lot of fun at the forge. And hoping the weather will hold out for a while longer.

If you are interested in the art of blacksmithing you might want to check out my tutorials right here: The Art of Blacksmithing