The Stradivarius Names

It is actually an amazing thing, the story of Stradivarius, his instruments and his life.  Undeniably he made the most exquisite violins, violas and cellos that have ever been made.  He lived between the 17th and the 18th centuries and made around 1,000 instruments. Today about 650 of them still exist and every one of them has a name. Isn’t that spectacular?  Names like Sleeping Beauty, and Lady Blunt. My favorite is Ole Bull.

Well, that is all spectacular but the most spectacular story is  the story of the last one he made. When he died at 92 there was one violin remaining. It had been made earlier but it remained in his shop until he did.  And the thing about this one is that is has almost never been played, and for sure it has never been in a performance. it is literally in mint condition.  And it is often considered to be the most valuable of all the Stradivarius instruments.  Wow, how some things just rise to starry levels.

You know, Stradivarius made two guitars (ten stringed). Boy I would love to get one of them!


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