Winnekenni Castle – Castles and Yachts

This blogpost is about Winnekenni Castle, but visiting this castle did evoke a feeling in me. I call the feeling Castles and Yachts or why nobody builds castles anymore.

If you were a follower of my other blog, or are a fan of my website you know I am a fanatic about castles. Love  them in all their iterations. Well, I have hit a lot of them here in New England and today I managed to get to another onewinnikenni-castle-1

It is Winnekenni Castle in Haverhill Massachusetts.

It was about a two hour drive for me and being a Sunday the drive was nice. I have been wanting to get to it for the past couple of weeks and finally went. It was worth the drive. They were having a little event, which was nice. It was like a 50’s doo-wop thing with 50’s music and a whole lot of nice classic cars.  Everything free too.

She’s a wonderful little Castle. I would guess around 60 feet by 35 feet. But that’s just a guess. And just like all these old castles she has a history including burnings.  It is being kept by a foundation now but it was originally built and owned by a physician, (Dr. James R. Nichols). He was inspired to build it after a trip to England.  They started construction in 1873 and it was completed in 1875.

The building can be rented out for events like weddings. And you can learn more about it on their website here: Winnikenni Castle

I will be adding more pics and info about this on my website here, but give me a day: Medieval castles

Now, about Castles and Yachts.

I was just kind of lamenting about the fact that nobody builds castles anymore. They are fading further into the past, and as each day goes the remaining ones get a day older and a day closer to their eventual razing.  Nowadays the super powerful build yachts. Interesting though that while the castles provided stone as protection now the yachts actually have anti-aircraft defenses.   The need for security is still there its just from a different type of attack.




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