I spent yesterday at the Forge

I had a really wonderful day yesterday. Perfect early Autumn weather.  I picked up food and brought it to family for breakfast and we spent a couple of hours just chatting about things.  I was considering taking the day off just to watch football, but I wasn’t that motivated seeing as the Patriots were not playing.

So, I dug down and decided to hit the forge pretty hard and was so glad that I did. I had a push dagger to harden and temper and I had the parts of the helmet that needed to be shaped in the fire.  I got those things done and am pretty happy about that. By the time supper rolled around I was drenched in sweat and had burned through 25 pounds of lump charcoal. Yay!

Anyway, The push dagger is coming soon, and the helmet video is right here:
How to make a Medieval Great Helm

Forging the helmet, it's starting to take shape.

Forging the helmet, it’s starting to take shape.