ep3: Questing and Games in Your Life

In this podcast episode I talk about questing in your life. And I tell you a story about a quest I took in my life.

In video games questing is a really big deal. And we often get very good at completing these quests. In life things can often be the same – we get quests but we often don’t see it that way.

The glass is both half full and half empty and the way you see it makes a big difference in how you approach things and how you approach quests in your life.

You probably don’t get the quest from a local tavern owner like in the games but you get them just the same.

Sometimes it is ok to look at the problems and challenges in your life as a quest. Not in a way that minimizes or trivializes the task but in a way that can make it fun – and make it easier for you to accept and accomplish

I give you an example of a quest in my life. This quest came to me while on a trip to Japan.

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