ep4: Renaissance Man

In this installment of my Fish and Chips podcast I talk about the concept of being a Renaissance man.

The opening musical piece to this podcast is called Saltarello. And it was written by Galileo’s father. There is something profound in that and how all these centuries later it still lives on.

In today’s world we praise and honor specialization. We admire people who get really good at something very specific.

I don’t prescribe to this philosophy. I am a believer in that old concept that comes to us from the Renaissance – we should be a well-rounded person that has many pursuits, interests and skills.

It takes a certain amount of courage to delve into a new pursuit or interest because you will be terrible at it. But that’s ok. There are benefits to trying totally new things.

Firstly you get adept at learning new things. Your mind becomes very agile. Secondly your breadth of knowledge in different subjects transfers from one subject to the other. There is a cross-pollination that happens. Learning in one realm brings insights into another realm.

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