ep5 – Step Laddering

Here is another installment of my series of walk and talks that I do every Friday at noon. I go for a walk to the neighborhood restaurant and get a Fish and Chips. And I talk about an idea, a concept, or things in my life.

Ten years ago I was walking down the street and I found a penny. I took that penny and the thought came to me that in today’s world I could turn it into two pennies. It started me on a chain of how far could I take this penny?

My thought was that I could take it to a million dollars.

I never got it that far but I learned some things in the process.

The important thing to thing here is that you can use this idea of step laddering in your life, in your skills and in what you are as a person.

It doesn’t have to be really big and grandiose things in life. Step laddering can also be effective with something as straight-forward and small as a project.

You have a small kernal of a thought about something you want to make. Write about it, then draw sketches, then start building the major parts of it and then you continue to refine the project and finish with the details.

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