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The Grand Canyon Star Party and some photos of the Milky Way

The Grand Canyon is a special place. We all know this! I firmly believe that it is something everyone should experience at least once in their lives. But…. I am an amateur astronomer and that means that the Grand Canyon also has a very big bonus for me. It has absolutely astonishing night skies. It is very very dark there.

And every year the National park service hosts a week long event for star gazing at the Grand Canyon. This year it was last week (June 22-29).

And I rented a motel room and stayed there at the Canyon for five nights. It was absolutely remarkable! I was astonished by how deep and rich the night sky was and by how much the milky way popped! ( I got pictures)

I also attended two different workshops on how to take astrophotography and I learned a lot. Then I took a whole lot of amazing pictures of the Milky Way and the night sky. Here’s one picture:

The Milky Way at the Grand Canyon

Is that not amazing? I have never been a photographer. And I am so happy with how the pictures turned out .

Anyway, If you want to see more pictures including a stop motion of the milky way moving across the night sky you can check it all out on my website right here: The Milky Way over the Grand Canyon Star party

Note: I took this photo with a digital Canon Rebel camera, a common lens that comes with it and a 15 second exposure – on a solid tripod. That’s it. Once you know what to do the process is very easy.

And I am going to be creating some tutorials on how you can do this too so watch my stuff – it’ s all upcoming.

Enjoying Arizona’s Amateur Astronomy

Arizona is one of the best places in America for star-gazing and Astronomy. This is for a few different reasons. First off they have a sparse population with a lot of desert. This means that there are very large areas with very little light pollution. And they have mountains which of course are even better. The higher up you go the less air disturbance you have.

Arizona does have some world class observatories on the tops of it’s mountains.

Arizona also has a very vibrant community of amateur astronomers. These clubs meet all the time and share their time and telescopes with the public. It’s pretty darn great! And I have been enjoying it all. Since arriving here I have been to six different astronomy club events. And there are more coming.

And later this month is the event of events! The grand canyon national park has a week long astronomy and star-gazing event. I am booked and going. And I am so looking forward to it! Hopefully I will get some amazing pictures and share them with you.

If you are interested in Amateur astronomy and telescopes be sure to visit my website: The telescope Nerd