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Blacksmithing and Stamp Collecting

After a 30 year hiatus I have finally returned to stamp collecting. When I was a kid and teen I used to love the hobby. It was something I really enjoyed. But life got in the way. Now that I am enjoying it again there are some differences. The first difference being that I have the money to buy stamps! lol! good feeling to not have to figure out how to spend ten dollars for a packet of stamps. Back then it was a big deal.

The second difference now is that I am finding all these wonderful overlaps between stamp collecting and the rest of my pursuits. For example, there is one stamp in the United States collection of stamps about Blacksmithing. Yup! There is one. And I have it!


blacksmith-stamp-soloIt was issued in 1977, which was right around the time I was actively stamp collecting. So, I probably had it then too. I just don’t remember because blacksmithing wasn’t one of the things I did as a kid.

But I am glad to have it now.



It is part of a set of four stamps issued that year. The four stamps were called “Skilled Hands for Independence”. And they commemorate the skills that helped us achieve our independence. The other three stamps were seamstress, wheelwright and leatherworker.


A quick blurb about the stamp is that the blacksmith shod horses and constructed metal fittings for the cannons. Kind of cool 🙂

Anyway, It just is one of those wonderful things about stamp collecting. It isn’t just about the stamps it is also about the history of the United States and the things that the stamps commemorate.




It’s Blacksmithing Season!

The weather has turned and we are in early summer and I am so excited to get back to the blacksmithing. I already have done a little bit and am looking forward to a whole lot more!  The first thing I did was rebuild the backyard forge. The old one was starting to rot through and it needed replacing. I have a tutorial on how to make a forge just like this on my youtube channel here: Epic fantasy make a blacksmithing forge.











I have already started a few projects including a reworking of a bush axe, also known as a bill hook. This is an interesting little project.








And I have started a new knife project. This is a sub-hilt fighting knife. The extra hilt on the knife is to protect the knife from being pulled out of your hand. A video tutorial is coming shortly for this project.



So, stay tuned! Lots more blacksmithing stuff coming! If you want to check out all my blacksmithing videos you can view my youtube playlist right here: Blacksmithing videos.



Making a Throwing Knife

Making a throwing knife has been a project I have wanted to do for a long time now. I finally made the time to make one.

And the whole knife throwing thing is very interesting. There are different styles of throwing and different knives suited to each type. So, I wanted to make a knife that is good for no-rotation throwing. It should be big, front heavy and smooth on the sides so you can run your finger on it as you throw it. Once I finished it I had a whole lot of fun throwing it around.

I have a tutorial on my youtube channel (right here) and a web based tutorial  on my website with the template if you want to make the exact same one. (here)