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Thoughts about Traveling and Writing

It is definitely a different kind of writing

I had recently taken a road trip around America. It was a beautiful trip through an amazingly beautiful country. You can read about it and see pictures/videos on my website here: Will Travels Medieval America

And the whole experience lead me to some interesting observations about the processes of writing and of traveling.

Traveling is exhausting, especially when you get older! You have to give it a lot of energy. And because you are doing new things and seeing new things it also absorbs a lot of physical, and mental, energy.

This means that I didn’t write like I normally did. I just didn’t have the time or the energy for it. And, I did a lot of driving which absorbed a lot of time and energy.

But, I did take notes and keep a calendar with notes. And that has proven very valuable to me. Because now that the trip is over and I am back to a normal setting I have the time and the energy to write. And the notes and calendar have proven invaluable.

Doing this also helped me to soak in and appreciate my travel more. The travel wasn’t just about doing a job. It was about experiencing that in my life primarily. Writing about it was secondary.

Pictures and videos

There was a very profound benefit to me taking lots of pictures and videos during my trip.

Now that I am writing about the whole experience I am reviewing thousands of videos and pictures. (And that’s an accurate number. There are thousands of them!)

I previously thought of pictures and videos as a means of support. I thought I would write about a place, castle or museum and then I would dig up some pictures to enhance the writing. It turned out to be much more involved than that.

Bourbon Street in New Orleans

Going through the pics and vids brought up previously forgotten memories, and feelings. So, the enhancement to my writing wasn’t secondary. It took a very strong primary role. And this isn’t something that I anticipated. It caught me by surprise.

Well, to summarize all of this I just wanted to impart on you some advice. If you are traveling, or going to travel, I recommend you take lots of pictures and videos! They are so much more than just support for your writing.

Every Castle has a story

Even the younger ones in America have a story to tell.

It isn’t necessarily about castles; it’s more about human beings and the things we do. People have been people since the beginning of time. And this means, victories, triumphs, betrayals, murders, disappearances and stories of human effort and triumph.

But these stories tend to stick around with castles because castles tend to stick around. So, there is an anchor that keeps the story going. In some cases for hundreds of years.

Last week I told you about my journey around America in my quest to visit many sites including castles.

I have been thinking a lot lately about writing a book about the interesting stories of American castles. Send me an email if you think this is a good idea. Or if you know a story linked to a castle.

And just as a teaser … I included in this post a picture I took of a castle. It is called “Castle Rock” and it is in New York state. You can’t get anywhere near it. It is on private land and you can only get pictures of it from a distance like I did. But an interesting story about this castle is that it is rumored to be the inspiration for the Witch’s castle in the movie The Wizard of Oz.

Want to learn more about castles in America? I have a whole section of my website right here: Will travels Medieval America

Castles in America

I recently took a road trip around America. I visited all 48 states and logged over 20,000 miles. It was a wonderful trip that lasted over five months. To be truthful that trip was one of the highlights of my life.

I had several goals for the trip, one of which being to see as many castles as I could. And yup…. there are castles in America! Lots of them in all kinds of shapes, styles and sizes. And every one of them has a story to tell.

Well, if you are interested in the castle in America I have written all about them and all about my trip around the country on my website here:


Bishop Castle in Colorado

Medieval America Episode 33

This is one of the most magnificent castles in America.

In this episode I travel to Napa valley to visit a castle that is also a working winery. And the amazing thing about this castle is that it is an authentic 15th century Italian castle. The builder did it the way they did it back then! He even hired in real Italian stone masons.

This image shows the Great Banquet Hall

ep 15: Travel

In this episode I talk about the philosophy of travel and how travel changes as you change. In different stages of your life travel brings different meanings. And there is an additional benefit to travel that nobody ever talks about.

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America Does Have Castles



Nobody really gives it any thought, or any weight, but America does have castles….. a whole lot of them. A whole lot of them.

Once I started really delving into my research for my trip across the country I was a bit astonished by this fact.

Singer Casttle, on an island in Alexandria Bay NY

Part of this misunderstanding comes from the timeline and the definition of what a castle is. If we stay true to the definition we have to include the idea that a castle is fortified. It is a fortress, A building of strong defense. And this philosophy held true right up until the period of time when gunpowder (and cannons) came into prominence.

The ability to take down any thickness stone wall with repeated barrages of cannons pretty much killed that old style of Fortress Castle.

From there castles changed to more of architectural artwork and ostentatious displays of wealth . The rich built them and lived in them. They were more palace than fortress.

An interesting thing did happen in America in the 18th and 19th centuries.

Searles Castle in Great Barrington Mass.

Wealthy people really took to the European concepts of castles and palaces. The wealthy and maybe a bit eccentric titans of industry started building their own castles.  Not so much to defend against enemies, more as a place to live and a place to display their wealth.

America is dotted all over with these castle-fortresses. And they are magnificent.

So while we don’t actually have any castles that are a thousand years old we do have plenty of castles! And on my trip around America I am visiting some of them – well actually a lot of them. The count today as of May 31, 2018 is twelve of them. And I am still on the Eastern seaboard.

Would you like to follow along in the adventure as I travel America discovering and visiting all sorts of medieval things like castles, blacksmiths, meaderies, museums and more? It’s all happening on my youtube channel right here: Will’s Journey across Medieval America. 


Medieval America – Will is traveling all around the USA visiting medieval sites

Quick Summary: I have sold my house and I am taking the Summer of 2018 to travel all over the United States from East Coast to West Coast. My goal is to build a castle. And during this trip I will be visiting all kinds of medieval sites like Castles, Meaderies, Blacksmiths, Stone Masons, Museums and much more. It all started on April 27th, 2018. And it continues.

I have done a fair amount of international travel. And I love that. But, for one reason or another I never did much travel in the USA. Well…. now I am doing it. And I am shooting videos, and writing all about it. And you can follow along.

Follow along with me through my youtube channel right here. Epic Fantasy and Medieval America

Or if you prefer the written work I am keeping a daily log of the places I visit and the things I see on my website right here: Medieval America

And what have I done so far? Well… Ten Castles, Five Meaderies, Three Museums, two blacksmiths, and a whole lot more. Want to see a slice of america? Follow along on my website or my youtube channel.