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EVA Foam Projects

EVA Foam is terrific for cosplay, LARP and all around fun armor and weapon making.

EVA foam is strong and durable yet very safe.

It is typically used as floormat in dojos and gyms. You can buy sheets of it and use it for weapon and armor making.



Make an EVA foam Double Bladed Axe

EVA foam is floor matting used in dojos and gyms. I use it to stand on at my work bench. It is great for anti-fatigue. It is also terrific for armor and weapons. I show you how to make this double bladed axe out of it. And I include the template. Make an EVA foam Double Bladed Axe


Make an EVA foam dagger

EVA foam is a thick foam that is terrific for cosplay armor and LARP weapons. Want to get started working with it? This tutorial is perfect. The dagger is strong yet safe. Make an EVA foam dagger.


Mandalore mask

Make a Mandalore the Ultimate's Mask

This is an excellent EVA Foam tutorial showing you how to make a mask. You can use these techniques to make just about any mask. EVA Foam is terrific! This tutorial was shared with us by a web visitor. How to Make Mandalore the Ultimate's Mask.



EVA Foam Mace

Make an EVA foam Flanged Mace

If you want a flanged mace you can use for cosplay or for some simple sparring I will show you how to make one out of EVA Foam which is a strong and moderately durable foam which will be safe but able to take some use as an actual mace.

If you are interested only in making this weapon you can skip to that part of the tutorial right here: EVA Foam Mace for Sparring and Cosplay.




On amazon.com this is the exact foam that I bought for this project (And for some other projects): Interlocking Anti-Fatigue EVA Foam Floor Mat