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Specific items

How to make an Xbox as a Christmas Present
This tutorial shows you the Xbox I made for my son for Christmas. And I show you how to make one yourself - cheaply. How to Make an Xbox

Epic Fantasy If you are a fan of Epic Fantasy you should Check out my other site Castle Fiction Epic & Heroic Fantasy Resources

Little Wonders book of Star Gazing

Enjoying the pursuit of stargazing, easy to find nebulae, galaxies and more. Simple star and moon charts you can print out and use. Star Gazing Book

Make a Micro Terrarium

These tiny terrariums have become very popular over the past few years. They are small, easy to care for and easy to make. I have a complete tutorial that uses the smallest flowers in the world. How to make a Micro Terrarium

Rainforest Diorama. This easy project uses the concept of the 5 layers of the rainforest canopy as its building structure which is a nice way to learn about the rainforest The Rainforest Diorama

How to mount a sword on the Wall
In this tutorial (complete with a video) I show you how to mount a sword on the wall. This uses traditional sword wall hangers. I also show you the inside of a wall so you can see what to do. How to mount a sword on the wall

Make a Model Rocket
I make the Estes Alpha rocket. Cost less than ten dollars and is a fun way to start into the hobby of model rocketry. See the complete tutorial here: Make the Estes Alpha Model rocket

The Wyvern Torsion catapult
Complete project with step by step assembly instructions, blueprints and a video for making this powerful 3 foot catapult. It uses twisted rope for torsion. This type of catapult is called a Mangonel.The Wyvern Catapult

Two easy pranks: Dismembered finger and rattlesnake in an envelope.
easy and fun pranks to pull on your friends. Two Pranks

Creative Stop Motion Animation
I teach you 9 creative techniques for doing stop motion animation drawings. And I have an animation that shows the techniques: Stop Motion Animation Tutorial

An RC Model Airplane
40 Dollars got me started in this great hobby. I have a whole new section of my site devoted to RC Airplanes and a video and page devoted to my airplane, also a beginners guide if you are thinking about remote control Airplanes  -RC Airplanes


The Bicycle-wheel and Bowling Ball Trebuchet - This thing is crazy. The base is three feet long and it seriously throws projectiles! Was a fun project. See the tutorial and the video. But don't build this siege engine without the help of an adult!

Make a rainbow scratch drawing Fun project that will keep you busy for a couple of hours. All you need is paper, crayons, dark paint and a pin and you can make a fun scratch drawing.


Free Paper Game: Storm The Castle an adventure..

Print, make and play this adventure game. You are a knight and you have to storm through the castle and overthrow the King! Along the adventure you run into guards, wandering beasts and more. Totally free game that you can print up, assemble and play. Including a paper dice if you don't have one. The Paper Game

My first novel- Download the whole Epic Fantasy novel for free, read the first chapter online, or purchase a paperback copy. Fulcrum Shift

My Second novel is available for purchase at online retailers. Info page:Lion's Last Kill You can also listen to it in free podcast audio as read by the author.

Third Novel Get a sneak peek at the upcoming novel including some original sketches for concept covers.
The Left-Handed Sword

Some of my other interesting webpages

Fantasy Swords - Our new section on swords of all kinds, movie, medieval and more. Fantasy swords

Lion's Last Kill Novel Podcast -Free Audio
Want to listen to an Epic Fantasy novel? It is totally free and it is one click away with no download necessary. music and sound effects. A new chapter is podcast every friday If you would like to start the novel from chapter one go to the Novel Home Page

Rocket launch It is an assembly and launch of the Estes Big Bertha Rocket. If you want to try model rocketry this is a great one to start with. Easy to build, large size and nice flight. I have a video showing the launch and the ease of assembly: Big Bertha Rocket

Make a Tennis Ball Trebuchet - (Fast and easy)

A fast and easy trebuchet project with lots of power. How to make a tennis ball trebuchet I keep it simple and use common stuff so you don't have to spend any money.

The Katana and the Watermelon
This is a series of videos and projects that are a lot of fun. First off I show you how strong the cardboard Katana is. (This katana is a project you can find further down the page). The Katana and the Watermelon, Paper Mache and Pinatas

Want to make money with your website? (The honest way) Check out my tutorial- Nothing there for sale. No pitch just honest information on how to make a website and earn some money with it. Everything you need from start to finish. Earn Honest money tutorial

The Video Rocket

This is a rocket with a video camera in the nose cone. Pretty fun stuff. It takes a video as it climbs through the air. You can see in this picture the parking lot, building and cars. I have done a couple of launches with this and have the videos. The Video Rocket

Sculpt a Miniature Sphinx : How to sculpt a miniature sphinx. This is part of an Egyptian Diorama I am making.

Make a Paper Castle (Neuschwanstein)
This is nice paper project where I give you all the plans, You print them up and put them together , Not too hard and looks great - Paper Castle

Took the plane out for a fly and crashed it. I had the camera mounted on the bottom so I got some great footage in the air and of the crash. Check it out on my youtube channel.

Dragonslayer 4 (The Rocket sword)This is a sneak peek view of my latest dragonslayer project. Just a quick look and a video explaining why the new dragonslayer is a sword. Dragonslayer 4 (the launch video is done!)


Make a spectacular Wall diorama for your miniatures
This is an on going project that takes you through the construction of a wonderful wall diorama How to make a Big Wall Diorama for your fantasy miniatures

Make a clay Castle
I can't take credit for this project. A web vistior is doing this based on my paper Neuschwanstein castle plans. This project is not done yet but most of it is complete. Make a Clay Neuschwanstein Castle

Carve a miniature wooden dagger
This is a nice little project that you can use as a letter opener or as a necklace. I carve various sizes and show you how to do it. I include a template you can print up to make your dagger like mine. How to carve a minature wooden dagger

Tatebanko Castle - Paper Diorama
Tatebanko is the lost Japanese art of Paper Dioramas. I have a complete castle project that you can download, print up and make. Easy and fun paper project. The Tatebanko Castle

Make a Medieval Flail (Ornamental)
With just a few basic materials you can make a great looking medieval flail for a costume or halloween. Make a Medieval Flail

WORLD OF WARCRAFT FOR PC- The Massive Online Role Playing game that has taken the world by storm. (It has over 5 million subscribers) If you don't have this game and you are a fan of online games then you are missing out! If you play this game then here is a list of resources to help you improve. Check out my information and resources page.

Paper Parthenon -Acropolis
Complete downloadable project, print it up and glue it together. It is the Parthenon in Greece. I also have a video showing it and showing the real Parthenon. The Paper Parthenon

The Castle in the lightbulb diorama
Make this unique little medieval scene inside a lightbulb. It also has a magical little light on the top of the tower that is activated by a magnet. I show you how to make it and how to hollow out the bulb safely. A miniature Castle diorama inside a lightbulb

Add realistic rubble to your dioramas:
This technique uses cork and is easy, inexpensive and looks great, particularly for battle or combat scenes. Perfect for military dioramas. I have an included video tutorial Rubble in Dioramas using Cork

Black Dragon Paper Castle
Nice project and a bit of a challenge because of the curved shapes. Nice metaphor of a dragon turned into a castle (Project tutorial not yet completed but coming soon . Black Dragon Paper Castle

A Motorized Drawbridge
I use a cheap remote control car to make a motorized drawbridge on my eight foot castle diorama. Learn More

Ichabod-Oddman - Caela Sculptoris

Miniatures and Painting Miniatures tutorial. Learn how to paint miniatures. In the tutorial I paint this warhorse. Painting miniatures tutorial

Make the Legolas Elven Swords

Fun little LOTR foamboard sword project with lots of options for gold decorations on the blades and handles.
Make the Legolas Elven Swords


Paper Game: Slay The Dragon
You can download, print up and play the dungeon adventure game: Slay The Dragon Paper Game

300 Diorama - Battle of Thermopylae

I am currently working on a three foot long diorama of the battle of the Spartans inspired by the 300 movie. It is wired for sound and lighting ( A night battle scene will be great) - I have also made it into a tutorial so you can see how I make this big diorama and you can learn how to make your own great looking dioramas. 300 Diorama

How to make a paper mache diorama
Don't have the materials for a diorama? You can make one out of paper mache which is just flour and water. I show you how in this tutorial where I make a scene from the Lord of the Rings Castle Helms Deep. How to make a paper mache diorama

Make a Butterfly Box Easy project for raising butterflies from caterpillars. All you need is a little bit of screen and a cardboard box. Make a butterfly box

Make a cardboard battle axe or polearm Fun project for halloween or to add to your weapon repertoire How to make a cardboard battle axe


Art and Drawing
If you always wanted to draw or paint now is the time to start. Here are some things to get you started, get you inspired, and get you more creative. Art & Drawing

For Fantasy Writers
Are you a writer or aspiring writer looking for tips and advice. Here is a series of articles on the craft of writing. Written by Will and focusing on the genre of fantasy in word and in video games. The Fantasy Writers articles

Creating, Designing, and improving a website is a challenge for both sides of your brain. It takes writing skill, design skills and artistic ability to do well. We have tutorials, tips and hints on all these aspects of having a website -Including some great stuff on how to make money with your website. The Creative Webmaster Section

Milkshape 3d tutorial How to Make 3d Models for your video games Start here This is part of my series on making video games. This tutorial is comprehensive and goes right up into animation of characters.

How to make a Miniature Army (I make lizard warriors) I show you the complete process from start with an idea and a drawing to making a whole bunch of them (as many as you want), This is an overview that explains all the steps including, wire armature, sculpting the master, making the rubber mold, and making all the miniatures. How to make a miniature army

Halloween Projects!

I have a whole bunch of halloween projects you can make including of course lots of weapons and armor, gravestone, cauldron and more: Halloween Projects



Perseus SwordMake a Clash of the Titans Perseus Sword This is a nice project where I show you how to make a Perseus sword out of cardboard. I have the complete template you can download and print up. It comes out great looking and strong. How to make a Clash of the Titans Perseus Sword

Dwarf cast miniature duplicatesHow to Cast Miniature Figures I cast duplicates of the Dwarf we sculpted. A complex figure like this uses a two part rubber mold. I take you through the whole process from making the rubber mold to casting the miniature: How to make two part rubber molds for miniatures

How to Cast Miniatures I cast duplicates of the treasure chest making a rubber mold then casting the miniature in plastic. I show you step by step how to do it. How to cast Miniatures


Origami PyramidMake an Origami Pyramid Neat little project that is easy to make. I have lots of other origami projects too. . Make an origami pyramid



Make an Egyptian Tatebanko : This is a nice tatebanko project in Egypt. It shows the sphinx and the pyramids and it has a little caravan of camels walking across the desert. Egyptian Tatebanko

The Knight Medieval site Information about medieval knights, how they lived, their history, their weapons and more.

Shadowbox Fantasy

How to sculpt fantasy miniatures:
This is an in- depth series of tutorial including videos that shows you how to sculpt fantasy miniatures and gives you the practice, techniques, skills, and tips needed to do a good job of it. How to Sculpt Fantasy Miniatures