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Fantasy Art by Isabella

Isabella is an artist and a huge Loki fan. Here she shares with us three of her works and tells us a little bit about how she made it. It shows good command in different media and my thanks go to her for sharing it with us.



Well, I did this drawing because I really like Batman. It started out as a scribbly sketch and then turned out a full blown drawing.  :)  The main tool I used was my no fail PrismaColor inking pen and my trusty mechanical pencil. I am working on a colored version, which I am coloring on the computer, I do have one colored version on Deviant Art (search Batman in Gotham ). 


Ok, so right now i am in kinda a Loki phase. I drew two Loki drawings in a day and made a Loki sign for my room. This drawing was done in pencil and have no plans to color it because of its HUGE amount of shading. Also, the only coloring i can really do well is on the computer...



This was the other Loki drawing i did. This one kind of evolved by itself. At first, I was just looking for an excuse to put the quote on one of my drawings ("IN THE END YOU WILL ALWAYS KNEEL"). Then an idea struck me to try and do one of those super simple lineart/colorblocks. The ones where they don't really have any facial features, just the colors of their outfit and face and stuff. But then I got the idea into my head of coloring it with watercolors, which, by the way, we didn't have at the moment. So, I dug around my art drawer and pulled out this little box. And what do I see? Watercolor PENCILS !!! So even though this drawing looks like its done in watercolor, it was really done in watercolor PENCILS .


Derwent Watercolor Pencils

  • Nice range of 24 colors set in a convenient, hinged metal tin; can be used wet or dry allowing you to draw and paint
  • Combine the control of a pencil with the subtle beauty of the watercolor medium; wet paper for intense colors with soft edges, or wet the pencil first for rich, textured lines
  • Pencils retain their full intensity however you use them





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