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How to Make a flamberge out of foam board

This is a tutorial showing you how to make a flamberge out of foamboard or cardboard.

A Flamberge also known as a 'flame-blade' because the wavy shape of it is reminiscent of flames.

You can often find this kind of sword in video games but it also really exists as a sword and saw use in the time of sword fighting.

The template for this sword is right here.

I have a youtube channel with over 700 videos on projects you can make. Check it out right here






The flamberge is an interesting weapon that really was used in medieval times. But there isn't a whole lot written about it. I dug out my books on weapons and found just a little bit.

The smaller version of the "Flame Blade" is called a Kris. It is a knife with a wavy blade and it is much more popular. There were many versions of it across centuries and many countries. I might do a tutorial on that too.

But as far as the flamberge goes here is some information.

A steel flamberge

For one thing, and this is overlooked in all the literature, but it has a distinct intimidating look. There are few things worse in combat than having to face a weapon you don't understand. So, an opponent is right off the bat at a disadvantage when he wonders how to approach or contact with such a peculiar sword. There is an intimidating factor in the confidence this sword exudes.

Secondly upon contact and sliding it imparts a distinct rhythm to the two swords as the opponents sword rakes over it. There is some merit to this.

Third and possibly most important is the fact that this sword does have a bit of a saw tooth action to it. It can do more damage as it passes opponents steel whether it be a sword or armor.


Flamberge and a watermelon

I have a youtube video where I have a little bit of fun with a flamberge and a watermelon. You can check that out here





  • 2 Sheets of foam board or 2 large pieces of cardboard (20x30, 5mm thick) (Elmer's Foam Board)
  • glue or hot glue
  • Paints: Silver, Gold, red, yellow, orange
  • The template

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NextOk, Let's get to making the sword


Watch the Video Tutorial Here:



The book of the sword
A flamberge
Conan the flame knife


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