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How to Take Care of a Goldfish, including feeding

A goldfish is a pretty easy pet to take care of. They are a pretty hardy species of fish and you don't need to be a stickler for exacting details. But there are a few things you should know and should do to keep your goldfish happy and healthy for a long period of time.

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Goldfish in a tank

1. Goldfish, while very hardy are also very messy. They excrete a lot into their tank water and you should be aware of this. It means that you should change the tank water frequently. What this means is that you should siphon out one third to one half of the water and replace it. And you should do this often. Some people do this every week and that is great. But you can probably do it every two weeks. This is the single biggest thing. Change the water as frequently as you can.


Picture of me feeding goldfish

2. Feeding, it does vary a bit depending on the type of food. But typically, goldfish food tells you how much to use when feeding goldfish.


Two types of goldfish food

Here are two types of goldfish food. The one on the left is goldfish flakes. And on the right is granules.

Flakes are small and flat and when you add them to the goldfish tank they float. The goldfish will eat the flakes right off the surface.

The granules are a bit different. They immediately sink in the water right to the bottom of the tank.

Some people have a preference and opinion about which is best. I don't think it matters much. But for me personally what I do is use both. I feed the flakes in the morning and the granules in the evening. For me I think that it gives them more variety both in type of food and nutrition and also in interest. Being fed these different ways seems to me to be more fun for them.

How often do you feed?

This will vary according to how many fish you have and how big they but typically two to three times a day is quite good.

And how much in quantity should you feed the goldfish?

Here is a good rule of thumb for you.

You will notice that your goldfish is a begger! Everytime he sees you he will get excited and start swimming around more aggressivly, hoping for you to feed. This is great. The goldfish is hungry. So, add a pinch of food and watch. After about two minutes the goldfish will slow down and lose interest. It has had enough food. So, is there still food left over? Good, you can reduce the amount that you feed the fish at future feedings. So, observe the fish for enthusiasm and adjust accordingly.



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