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Make a Gothic Dungeon Part 3

We start by making some standard walls in various sizes.

Using the same foam as the base of the dungeon cut yourself some walls. Generally they should be in lengths of inch increments.

You can make them any height you like but I stick with a standard of 2.5 inches in height.



This next picture shows you some of the ones that I made. And... I used foam board as a base. And trim the four corners of the base like you see in the image above. This is so you can set walls at 90 degree angles to each other.



I made a whole variety of standard walls. Notice the paint is currently black. That's because I originally had a black dungeon. I will show you how to paint the marble stone work of a gothic dungeon.

With a variety of walls like this you can have endless different layouts for dungeons.

And there are an infinite number of ways you can texture the foam. A ball point pen works really well for this.



Here are some examples of different texturing and painting schemes you can do.

From left to right they are brick, two color, single color black, stones, tudor.


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