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How to Make 3d Dungeon Terrain Tiles - Continued


Ok, now we can finish off the dungeon tiles. I show you quickly the assembly of it and we do the painting which is where the real magic happens.


Doing some of the details before painting


Gluing the foam together is of course easy. And I used a glue gun set on low heat. But, you can use a whole lot of other types of glues and adhesives. But you should do a little test first before gluing your actual terrain. That is because some types of glues can actually melt the foam. So test a small section first.






Once you have the major parts of the dungeon glued together you can start to add some details like the crenellations on the tops of the walls. And the window holes can be cut. Although, These window holes were cut before the dungeon was glued together. That is a little bit easier.

And at this paint you can do any additional aging of the foam to get it ready for painting. We, picked away small sections of foam on the walls and the floor.




OK! Let's Paint this unit!

There are two steps to painting a dungeon unit and it is really easy to make this thing look fantastic. You can get much more detailed and add more steps to this. I will show you how this is done.


Before painting the unit shake it off and brush it off real good. There will probably be little tidbits of foam all over it so you want to clean those off nicely.

Select a nice firm brush or even a bigger round brush and paint the whole unit a thick deep black. Get it all really good and dig down into the cut sections with the brush to make sure everything is covered really well.

And, just like you did with the glue you should do a small test painting to make sure the paint doesn't melt the foam.



Once the whole thing is painted a deep black color you need to let it dry completely before the next step. If you have a hair dryer of a fan that will help a lot.





The Dry Brushing

Ok, this is where some serious magic happens! We are going to use a technique called "dry-brushing". That is where we use a very dry amount of paint and lightly brush it onto the surface of the diorama terrain.

It kind of seems strange to say dry paint but picture it this way. You can dip the brush in the bottle of paint and you have a very wet and gooey paint flow.

Mix yourself up some black and white to make a gray color like you see in the picture. Now this paint is a very thin layer right on the mixing surface. So it doesn't get a whole lot on the brush. It is "dry".



Now you lightly brush over the terrain with your dry brush. Think of it as if you are using a feather duster. You want just limited amounts of paint on the surface and you want it only on the high areas. Easy to do and you will get the hang of it quickly. But it is worthwhile because it looks terrific.






This picture gives you a really great look at how the dry brushing works. See how the gaps between the tiles are still black? And on the wall you can see how the dry brushing just hits the high points.

You can do this dry brushing multiple times, each time changing the dry color by lightening it a little more each time. Or you can even change the color by adding a little brown or a little red, or green. But, the important thing is that the previous layer of paint is totally dry before starting the next dry brushing layer.



And that's It! let's take a look at the completed dungeon terrain. Looks fantastic. If you make something like this be sure to send me a pic so I can put it on this page.



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