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How to Make 3D Dungeon Tiles


Dungeon Tiles are for playing various table top games and that is a very big pursuit. But these techniques and these dungeons are terrific unto themselves. You can make them just to display as dioramas and castles or you can make them to display miniatures.

The techniques shown here are pretty simple and the materials are easy to find. Yet the stuff comes out looking spectacular.

I can't take credit for the work in this project though. This was done by an artist (Ryan) so my thanks go out to him for the great work.

And the major dungeon castle setup you see here is for sale. If you are interested in buying it you can shoot me an email with an offer:




These next three pictures show what you can do with these techniques of making dungeon terrain and tiles. this is pretty complex and this is the unit for sale. Be sure to send an email if you are interested in buying it. It is about 20 inches by 23 inches. And if you want to see more of this you can watch the video at the bottom of this page.

Dungeon terrainCan you make dungeon tiles like this? You sure can! I have some pictures of tiles made by a web visitor using this tutorial. You can check out those pics right here and my thanks go to Ryan for sending in the pics!

Dungeon terrain

Here is another dungeon tile made by a team of web visitors. It is a castle! You can see more pictures here

Dungeon terrain

And here is some dungeon tiles made by Shawn. He did a fantastic job!



Dungeon terrainKevin is making some spectacular Dungeon tiles using our techniques. Check out more and larger pictures here.


The completed dungeon terrain


Another view of the terrain


Corner Unit Dungeon Tile

For this tutorial we are going to make this smaller corner unit wall dungeon. I will take you through the whole process of making dungeon tile terrain from start to finish.

This unit in the picture on the left is what we make.







Various dungeon pieces and tilesYou can see by the previous three pictures that this terrain looks spectacular. But it is really easy to do. You only need some styrofoam, some glue and two colors of paint (black and white) that is all you need really. And you can make a whole lot of dungeon tile just like this.

Before we launch into the tutorial I just want to show you one more picture that gives you an idea of how creative you can get with this stuff. You can do large castles, complete layouts, and bits and pieces.




A piece of styrofoamAll we use to build it is some plain old styrofoam. This is the kind of thing that comes as packaging inside the box with a television or dvd player or something like that. And you can see that it always has interesting shapes. You can use those shapes to your advantage when it comes to making buildings and other terrain things.





closeup of the right styrofoam

There are different types of styrofoam though and you can use any type but the absolute best is the type that has all the little balls compressed together. This works the best for terrain, particularly if you want to crumble it and make it look aged.






The basic foam building

Ok, lets take a look at what we are building. This is what we are shooting for. It is simply three pieces of styrofoam, two walls and one floor unit. And well, there are some tiny blocks that we add on to the top of the walls.

And the floor unit is about one inch thick while the wall units are about one half inch thick.







Cutting this kind of foam can be a little tricky. Use a really sharp knife or an X-acto knife. And you cna also use a foam cutter like you can see here on the table.

If you want a nice ruined and aged look in your dungeon the rough cutting actually looks terrific.





And the best thing about this foam is that you can use tools or your fingernail to age it by taking rough chunks right out of the surface and out of the edges. This gives it a ruined look. You can do a little bit of ruins or a lot of it depending on how aged you want your dungeon tiles.








If you are going to be using your dungeon terrain for gaming then you are going to need to grid out the base. With a marker you line out your one inch grid. and then cut out the lines with a hobby knife. You actually cut out long strips. This gives the floor a really nice look.






cutting the floor tiles

This picture gives you a good look at how to cut out the floor tiles. By making long 45 degree cuts you end up removing a long strip. Do this for all the lines both horizontal and vertical.

Later on when we paint this floor unit you will see how this cutting really makes a terrific look. Its because we highlight the top surface with a light color but the black paint stays in these grooves that we cut.




NextOkay, Lets continue on with the tutorial. Or you can also watch the video tutorial just below here:


The Video:




Woodland Scenics Hot Wire Foam Cutter

This is the exact hot wire foam cutter that I use.




Freestanding Tower

  • Miniature terrain made for 25/28 mm miniatures in REAL SCALE!!
  • Exclusive, individually crafted storage case for safe keeping and transportation - free with all orders
  • Prepainted in solid resin
  • Universal - suits any gaming system out there
  • Four playable floors with a total of 84 tiles!


Paintable Brick Walls

This item is for 4 brick wall pieces 2 big brick walls and 2 small brick walls. These brick walls were made using a 3D printer with white plastic. If you are looking to paint the brick walls, you can apply a primer that will stick. If you have any questions, feel free to message me! Dimensions for the big brick walls 110x75x40(mm) Dimensions for the small brick walls 90x65x20(mm)



Greystone Walls 28mm Miniature Terrain

JRM6116 Greystone Walls 28mm Miniature Terrain by JR Miniatures. Miniatures terrain are supplied unpainted unless otherwise noted. Greystone Walls (8pc) 4 long stone wall and 4 short stone walls. miniatures not included.


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