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How to Make a Batman Mask - Part 2


In this part of the tutorial we finish making the mannequin head for our mold and we start forming and shaping the actual mask.

Part 1 of the tutorial is here




Glue pieces to mannequin head

Glue those template pieces onto the head just like this. And it is quite ok to also use masking tape to hold them on or to hold them while the glue dries.


looks good

It looks great!!


Stretch and heat the foam

Okay! This is where the fun starts! Firmly stretch a piece of craft foam over the mannequin face like this. Hold it so the 12 inch length goes side to side.

Place it so the bottom line of the craft foam is just below the nose, not quite to the mouth. Later we will trim it down to exactly where we want it.

Tape in place

Tape it in place with some masking tape. Keep the craft foam nice and taut.


The shape is starting to form

Ok, just like this. It looks good.


Heat with a heat gun

Grab the heat gun or the hair dryer and start heating it. Take your time. You will feel it soften and change to a shiny color as it heats.


Form and shape the foam

As it softens you can shape it to the mannequin face with your hands and fingers.

This is a process and it will take ten to fifteen minutes. You will heat it, shape it, heat it some more and shape it some more. Mold it to the template pieces you have glued to the head.

NextOkay! Let's continue


The batarang

Make the Batarang from Batman!

This is a really easy project and it comes out great, has a great feel and look. Just a sheet of cardboard or foamboard is all you need. I give you the template to make it so easy. Make the Batarang

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