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How to Make a Foam Board Sword - Part 2: Make the template


In this part of the tutorial we scale up the sword to the actual size we want by making a template.

Part 1 of this tutorial is here



Tape together sheets of paper so it is large enough to fit the actual size of the sword you want.


Tape extra sheets if you need them. Here we taped extra sheets for the width of the cross guard.

Now draw out your sword, full size. Having it on a paper template like this is good because you can draw over it, fix lines and curves, erase mistakes and keep working on it until you get it right.

Once you have it drawn out the way you want go ahead and use a marker or pen to bold the lines. You probably have multiple lines on it so bolding the right ones will make it easy to know what to cut.


Now cut out the template.


And tape it on foam board or cardboard. Trace around it.


Make three of these and cut them out of the foam board. If your sword is longer than 36 inches you might want to make four of them for strength.


Here are the three cut out swords.

Ok, let's continue with the tutorial. I am also going to show you what to do if your sword is bigger than the foam board that you have.




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