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How to Make a Foam Board Sword

Want to know how to make a nice foam board sword?


This is a tutorial that shows you how to make a sword out of foam board. You can make something out of your imagination or something in a video game, movie or book.

I give you the whole process from start to finish and I give you some nice tips on how to do it.

I also have a video for this project at the bottom of the page.

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The sword we make in this tutorial

The foam board sword


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What you typically need to make a foam board sword:

Foamboar is an excellent material for making a sword. It is strong and it is easy to work with.

1. Design your sword first!

Do some drawingsThis is a fun part of the process. Grab a pencil and some paper and start drawing out your idea. If you don't have an idea yet that is ok. Idea's will come to you as you draw. Let me give you a little bit of inspiration. Thing of a sword as three different parts. The point, the blade and the handle.

So you can have a little bit of fun with this. Draw out tips, blades and handles. And you can mix and match them.




Here are drawings of ten sword types. This will help you in designing your sword.


Sword shapes


More sword shapes


Draw your sword

So, draw out swords until you come up with the design and shape that you want. Next we will make the full size template.



You can also watch the video tutorial below




Make Elucidator from Sword Art Online


This is an easy foam board project from the very popular Sword Art Online. I give you the template. Make Elucidator




Make FrostMourne from World of Warcraft

This is a great looking sword and you just need a few basic supplies like foamboard and cereal box cardboard. Of course I give you the template. Make Frostmourne


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