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How to Make a Wizard's Table

This wizard's table could also be a bench or a desk. It is part of the on-going wizard's lair project that I am working on. You can learn more about that project and all it entails here.

In this tutorial I give you just an overview. I don't anticipate anybody actually building one. But you may get some creative ideas, tips and more from this.

Will has a youtube channel with over 700 videos on projects you can make. Check it out right here



  • Wizard's Table


Materials Used for this project:

  • XPS Foam, (Foamular) Purchased at the home depot.
  • Four sheets of thin, sanded plywood for the table top surface
  • Liquid Nails for gluing everything together
  • Tools: Hacksaw and hacksaw blade, Rasps, Anything that will cut foam efficiently. I also used a band saw to make things quick.
  • Barbecue skewers to hold parts together while the liquid nails dried.


Before the actual building

It took me a while to get to the point where I could start building it. I did sketches first to try to get a sense for the size , shape and look of it. I knew I wanted it to be pretty large and heavy/sturdy looking.

Test for size

This is a good tip for you when making just about any kind of project. You should start by doing some drawings and sketches. It will help a lot. And your end project will be better.

I even set up some temporary tables wit boxes to get a sense for what would be the right size table and how it would fit in the room.




The basic structure

Once I had everything figured out I broke it down into pieces. Here we see the foundational structure of it. It is a table top, a base and four legs. That's it. The bulk of the table. And it establishes shape and size. s take a look at the basic structure.







Glue with liquid nails

Everything was assembled together with Liquid Nails. There are a lot of different types and some types will actually melt the foam. I used the liquid nails for paneling. It works on foam and on wood.

This picture shows the top surface of the table being made. The top is pretty large so we glued two sheets of the foam together edge to edge.





The legs are very stout and thick so we cut several pieces and glued them together.

Apply liquid nails to leg parts  Glue leg parts


Clamp it

Parts ae clamped together or held together with wooden barbecue skewers while the liquid nails sets.

Patience is important with a project like this. We want those legs to be fully set before continuing to assemble the table.














Cut with a hacksaw blade

Here is a tip for cutting foam. A hacksaw blade works really well.









Cut the base

Meanwhile we cut out the base.

NextOk, we made the major parts let's continue and start building the table.





Video is Here:


Wizards globeMake a Wizard's Globe

Every wizard's lair has a globe like this. It works a lot like a gyroscope in that you can rotate the rings and the globe so it can be looked at from any angle.

Make a Wizard's Globe






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