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How to Make Katarina's Daggers Part 2


In this part of the tutorial we glue the sword halves together, cut out some more parts and add the hand guard to the blades.

Part 1 of this tutorial is here.



Now glue those two blade halves together insuring that the X's show. This way the bevels are the right way and come to an edge all the way around the sword.


Glue the blades together



Put a bead of glue on the edgeThis is optional but if you want a nicer edge on your sword and a stronger sword you can put a bead of glue all the way around the edge and use your finger to smooth it out, covering all the exposed foam. This will also seal the foam and protect it from the paint. Some types of paint, particularly spray paint, can melt this foam.




Cut remaining parts from template

Now let's make the remaining parts of the sword. Cut out template parts D and E.








Trace pieces onto foam board

Now trace two of each of these D and E. Two per sword you make.

And cut those pieces out.

See the rectangular hole in Part E? Mark that onto the foam board but don't cut it out of the foamboard yet.






Glue pieces together

Now glue those two E pieces together one right on top of the other.








Apply glue around edge

And glue around the edge of that assembly, spreading the glue with your finger on the foam. This is the hand guard and the glue will strengthen it and seal it from the painting.







Measure for handle hole

Now let's cut the hole for the handl guard. Put the tang of the sword assembly on the guard like this and pencil mark all the way around it.








Cut out the slot

And go ahead and cut that slot out.








Note from Will: This guard piece in this shape and configuration is very common with Samurai swords and Katanas. It is called a "Tsuba".



Glue on the Tsuba

Now you can put glue on the sword and slide that guard over the tang and into place.










The tsuba looks good

There! It looks good. Nicely cut and crisp sharp lines.


NextOk, let's continue







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