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How to Make

Mandalore the Ultimate's Mask

This is a terrific EVA Foam project made by a web visitor (Simon)

My thanks go to him for this terrific tutorial. It was, no doubt, a lot of work!!

Want to see more of his work? You can follow Simon on instagram:

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Copyright: All the images and text in this tutorial are copyright ©Simon Lagerlöf Petéus - And may not be reproduced or copied without his express written consent. Contact him through instagram for inquiries.

Simon tells us a little bit about this project:

This is my take on the mask worn by Mandalore the Ultimate. The Mask was a ceremonial war mask worn by the Mandalore, the leader of the Mandalorian clans.

This Project is pretty easy and (depending on your foamsmithing skills) shouldnt take more then a day or two. And of course this technique can be applied to any kind of mask you want to make.



The mandalore mask


First, I made a model by taking a plastic toy mask and covering it with clay. I did this so that I would get the exact shape I wanted.

A plastic mask


Apply air dry clay



After that, I let the clay dry and then I coverd the entire thing in aluminium foil. After the foil, I everything with tape. I would recommend duct tape for this. After that, I trimmed the edges to the shape i wanted.

Cover with foil



Then, to be able get it to lay flat, I made a cut in the top of the template. Yes, this is going to be my template.

Make a cut



Now I layed the template on the foam, traced around it, and cut it out.

Trace onto eva foam



After this, I heated up the foam with a heatgun, and then I bent it so that it would get a domed shape. I also glued the top seam.

Heat and shape


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Products and Materials

EVA foam

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Heat gun

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