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How to Make Stilts - Part 2

In this part of the tutorial we finish off the stilts.


Mark twelve inches

Start by deciding how high you want your stilts to be and mark a line there from the ends of the stilts.

I have decided on twelve inches high.







More marks

Now mark the stilts where we are going to drill them. From the 12 inch line the first mark is 1.5 inch. Then do another mark that is 3 inches from that one. This makes the two marks three inches apart. Perfect. That is the same as the smaller pieces we made.

Drill these holes out.







Everything is drilled

Ok, everything is drilled out. Let's finish off the stilts by assembling the pieces together.







Assemble with bolts

Place two of the short pieces on a stilt and line up the holes. Place a bolt with a washer through each hole.







Place washers

Then on the other end of the bolts place a washer, a split washer and a nut.








Tighten the bolts

Tighten them good and tight with wrenches. Do this for both stilts and you are done!








Will on stilts


Have fun with your stilts! And be safe!! Get somebody to help you when you are first starting.










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