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Make a cardboard rocket pencil holder

Will is working on this webpage right now! Bookmark this page and check back soon. But the template is ready:

The template for this project is here.



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This is a fun little project that uses very few materials and tools. All you need is a piece of corrugated cardboard and some glue. I show you how to curve the cardboard to form the tube of the rocket and I even give you a template if you want to make the same size rocket as mine.

You can have this done in no time.

What other creative ways could this rocket be used? I made mine into a pencil holder but there are lots of other ways it can be used. Send me an email if you have some creative ideas for this project!


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Overview of this project: We use water to remove a layer of paper from corrugated cardboard. Then we can roll the cardboard into the tube body of the rocket. We add some details including the nose cone and the fins. You can keep it right there as a cardboard rocket. Or you can cut it open and turn it into a pencil holder.

Products and tools used in this video:

Let' s Build it



Wet the cardboard

Cut a piece of corrugated cardboard to 11 by 11 inches. Brush on a nice thick coat of water. And repeat the brushings. Giving it a few minutes before coats. Several coats will be needed.

This will dissolve the glue that holds that top sheet of paper onto the cardboard.


Then you can gently peel away that layer of paper. If it is difficult simply brush on some more water and let it soak in. And you can add water just in difficult spots.

Peel the paper

Peel it away and set aside that sheet of paper. We will use it for various parts of the rocket.

The paper is peeled


Okay! Let's build the rocket - Or you can watch the video tutorial below.


Watch the video without leaving this page:


Beacon 3-In-1 Advanced Craft Glue, 4-Ounce


Will's favorite Pencil: The Palomino Blackwing 602





X-acto designer series knife #1 blade (This is Will's favorite X-acto knife) I love this xacto knife for a couple of reasons. First off it feels really good in the hand. It has some width and shape to it rather than the typical thin pencil like shape of most handles. Secondly the blade is tightened by the back end of the handle. It's all very comfortable to use and to change blades.


Mod Podge Waterbase Sealer, Glue and Finish (16-Ounce), CS11302 Matte Finish

Mod Podge dries clear in approximately 15-20 minutes and can be sanded to a smooth finish. Apply with brush or sponge applicator. Close container after each use. Clean up with water while wet. Once dry, Mod Podge cannot be removed. Use as a puzzle saver, a sealer glue, a quick finish, a textured finish,or a build-up finish." Non-toxic.