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How to Make a Game of Thrones SnowGlobe : The Weirwood Tree


What better theme for a snowglobe than Game of Thrones. The catchphrase for the series is "Winter is Coming". So, how about putting that winter into a little globe?

In this tutorial I show you how to make a snowglobe with the Weirwood tree in it.

I also have a video for this project at the bottom of the page.

Will has a youtube channel with over 750 videos on projects you can make. Check it out right here


The completed snowglobe


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Materials Needed for this project:

  • An empty jar or bottle with lid
  • Wire , various thicknesses
  • Paints
  • Some kind of sealant to seal things, arts and crafts sealant, mod podge etc.
  • Glue
  • Hot Glue Gun
  • Pliers for bending the wire
  • Some kind of material for the leaves on the tree. You can use red kitchen sponge for this


Tips on making the Snow Globe

About the Liquid - You can use water. It works very well. And this is your easiest/safest choice if small children are making the snow globe. If you want the snow to swirl around slower and more realistically you can use baby oil, vegetable oil, or water with a small amount of glycerin in it. These are thicker than water and will give a nicer effect.

About the Snow - I use glitter. There are all kinds of glitter including a nice bright white that is perfect for attractive looking snow.


About the container - You can use just about any glass or plastic jar that is made to hold some kind of a liquid. Baby food jars are great for this. They make a really good seal. And look for interesting jar shapes. I like the shape of these Salsa jars.

Some thoughts - The globe is going to get shaken! So that means you have to be sure everything is secured nice and tight inside. Glue it all down very well with some kind of glue that isn't water soluble. For the most part I used a glue gun. If you want to insure a really good seal around the lid of the container then you can always hot glue all the way around the edge of the lid.

Think of it as a diorama - The big thing about a diorama is that it is a scene frozen in time. And the same applies to a snow globe. It is a little scene frozen in time. And because of the snow it is literally "frozen" in time! LOL

Helping the Snow effect - You can add one drop of low sudsing detergent. This will break the water tension and allow the snow to float and fall more freely.

Remove the label

Find yourself a glass jar that had some kind of liquid in it. Something of adequate size. This is a salsa jar. Peel off the label. If you have trouble removing the label you can run it under warm water and soap. A sponge will scrub the label and glue right off.


Carve the base

Now cut out a circle of foam that will be the base for your tree. Make sure it stays inside the lid with about 1/2 inch clearance all the way around. You can see the green ring on the lid. That is the size of the foam base we cut.

If you don't have foam you can use foamboard. Stack and cut several layers of it. But, at some point be sure to very carefully seal it with hot glue or sealant so it doesn't get water logged.


Trim some wire

Now let's make the tree. Cut yourself several pieces of wire around eight inches long. Or longer if you want your tree to be larger.

Twist the wire

Twist the wires together like this. This is the start of the tree. Don't twist it all, just the center section which is the trunk. The top is the branches and the bottom will be the roots.


I have an extensive tutorial on how to make a tree out of wire:

Wire bonsai tree

Make a Bonsai Tree out of Wire

I show you how to make a realistic looking bonsai tree out of simple materials like wire, aluminum foil, and pencil shavings. How to make a wire bonsai tree.


Shape the trunk

Add more wire and keep shaping it. You can see it is starting to become a tree with the trunk in the middle, the roots at the bottom and the branches at the top.


SHape the tree

Looks good. If you want the Weirwood tree go for a shape like this. And one big thing that will make it easy is that you add thinner wire as you go for the smaller details and branches. If you have thinner wire.

Attach tree to base

Be sure to keep trying it on the base to make sure it fits. And place the jar over it to ensure you don't make it too big! Trim it and change it around as you need to.

Next Okay! Let's continue with the tutorial



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