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Make a Knight's Templar Sword - Out of Foam board or Cardboard

The Knights templar sword was used during the 11th-13th centuries. It is a large sword that could be wielded with one or two hands and it is famous for being very plain. The knights templar didn't think it was very pious to have a fancy ornamented sword.

The sword we make here is large and sturdy and it has a good looking shape.

The template is ready and right here

I also have a youtube video tutorial on this project at the bottom of the page.

Will has a youtube channel with over 800 videos on projects you can make. Check it out right here


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About the sword: It is a plain sword with clean lines and fairly large. It has a fuller (blood groove) and it is suitable for one-handed or two handed use. I also have it all figured out for you so only one sheet of foamboard is needed. You can of course also use cardboard for this project.

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Let's Get Started!

PRint up the template and cut out the parts

Print up the template and cut out the parts. This is an easy build with not a lot of parts. There are a total of six parts to cut out. Four of the parts make up the sword and two parts are decals of templar crosses.


Note the striped area in the handle

Notice that on the handle piece there is a rectangular area with striped lines. Do not cut this rectangular area out. Not yet. We will do this at a later point. The red arrow in the picture shows this area.


Tape together parts 1, 2 and 3

Three template parts make up the template for the blade. They are labeled 1, 2, and 3. Lay them out to form the sword blade and tape them together like you see in teh picture.


Trim the blade template for smoothness

Trim that template assembly with scissors to insure everything is nice and straight. You don't want any ragged edges between the three parts. You want it to be one continuous straight blade.

That's everything we need. Lets transfer these patterns to our sheet of foam board.


Lay the blade on foamboard

Lay the blade template diagonally on your sheet of foamboard and trace it. You want to do this twice. You need two of them. So don't lay the first one exactly diagonally. You want to fit two of them on the board. Trace them.


Trace two handles

Next trace the handle piece on the foamboard. Do this twice so you end up with two handle pieces.


Cut out the marked rectangle

Now you can cut out the rectangular area from the handle template.


Trace two more handles

And trace it twice onto the sheet of foamboard.


All the parts are traced


NextOkay, we have all our parts. Let's continue with the tutorial

You can also watch the video tutorial here:


Full Tang Knight's Templar Sword -

This Knights Templar Sword goes back to Medieval Times. It is a full tang, stainless steel sword and represents many different religious icons. The sword is full tang with a solid metal hilt and included is a genuine leather sheath.


The Templars: The History and the Myth: From Solomon's Temple to the Freemasons

In The Templars , renowned historian Michael Haag investigates the origins and history, the enduring myths, and the soaring architecture of an enigmatic order long shrouded in mystery and controversy. The hand of the Templars, many believe, can be found in everything from Cathar heresy to Masonic conspiracies, and the Knights Templar still inspire popular culture, from Indiana Jones to Xbox games, to the novels of Dan Brown.