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Make a Roman Scutum (Curved Shield)


This is a fun and easy foam board project. And I show you two neat techniques. In the first technique I show you how to get a beautiful curve in foam board. And in the second technique I show you how to wet corrugated cardboard and shape it over a mold.

I also have a video tutorial for this project at the bottom of the page.

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This is the project we make in this tutorial.

The completed roman scutum




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Pauls scutum

Can you make this Roman Scutum project? You sure can!! Here Paul has made one following my tutorial. And he made some amazing upgades including the ring around the boss, upholstery tacks on the ring and the amazing and very authentic painting of the wings!








Draw a midline

Take your sheet of foam board. This is the normal size sheet (20 inches by 30 inches and 5mm thick). And draw a line down the middle of it lengthwise.





Tape and pin the center

Tape that foam board sheet down to a table. Taping it only along that center line. And put a pin on each end like this.







Wet the foam board

Brush on a liberal amount of water. I am using a brush but you can also use a sponge or a rag if you don't have a brush. You want to soak that top sheet of paper.







It curves as it dries

Let it sit for a couple of hours. Possibly overnight. And it will curve up nicely as it dries. Just like this. You can hurry this process by putting a fan on it.

I only needed to do one washing with the water to get this curve. If you want a bigger curve you can do a second washing after the first has dried.. But don't do a heavy soaking with water. Only do it lightly.




NextOk, let's continue and make the golden boss that goes in the middle of the shield. We use a different wetting process.


Reproduction Roman Soldier's Shield - Scutum - Costume - 36"






Watch the Video Tutorial Here:






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