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Make a Star Wars Light Dagger (That works!)

Here is a fun project you can make. And the blade works. It goes in and out. And you can release the blade in a slow motion which is the way light sabers work.

I also have a video tutorial you can watch at the bottom of the page.

The template for this project is here.

I have a youtube channel with over 700 videos on projects you can make. Check it out right here


The Star Wars Light Dagger

How it works

GRip it to keep it closed

It is hexagonal shaped, cut from a single piece of foam board and very easy to make. You grip it like this. By squeezing it a little bit you hold the blade in. As you loosen your grip the blade will slide out. Easy and effective.







The rubber bands

It is powered by two rubber bands.










Materials and Tools

  • The template (right here)
  • 1 Sheet of foam board (Elmer's Foam Board)
  • 2 rubber bands
  • Glue or hot glue gun
  • Paints: Black, silver, two shades of blue, white
  • Clear cellophane tape or clear packing tape
  • A little bit of sand paper, any grit

Note from Will: The Template and this tutorial is absolutely free! But would you consider a donation of $1 to support my work? Paypal makes it very easy and safe. Click here to donate $1 - Every little bit helps Will to keep making great tutorials and templates. Thanks!


Let's Get Started!

Print up the template

Print up the template. I have the pattern for the handle of the light dagger in the template. You can use that. Let me also show you how to make it without using the template.

First draw out a rectangle that is ten inches by six inches.




Draw lines at one inch intervals

Then draw lines on it at one inch intervals. You draw five lines which separates it into six one inch segments.






Cut ut the rectangle

Now cut out that rectangle.






Cut top layer of paper

Next cut through the top layer of paper on all five of those lines. Just cut the top layer of paper and a little of the foam. Don't cut all the way through the foam board.





Fold on the lines

Now you can fold it along those lines.








Fold into hexagon

And fold it into a hexagonal tube.

Try to make it a nice and uniform hex shape - very geometric all the way around.






Glue it

Put a couple of pieces of tape on the seam then glue it well. Squeeze the tube and shape it so it maintains a nice uniform hexagonal shape.








Looks good

Nice even shape.


NextOkay, Let's continue











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