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How to Make a Tilt marble Game out of a cardboard box

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I also have a youtube video showing you how to make this project at the bottom of the page.



Make a tilt marble game



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About this project: This is a fun and easy little project that is made with simple supplies and materials. A cardboard box around 12x15 inches would be perfect. From there some extra cardboard would be good. But you might be able to make it out of one box.

Test your skill with it. Make it difficult to accomplish. And you can layout the tilt maze any way you like. I also show you a couple of unique things including a ramp and a rotating gate. Time you and your friends to see who can complete the maze the fastest.

Game concept: You put a marble at the start point then you tilt the box in various directions to get the marble through the maze, over the ramp, past the gate and into the winning hole on the bottom right. There are a lot of other holes on the playing surface. If the marble falls in one of these other holes it comes out the bottom left of the box and you try again!


Materials and Tools:

  • 1 cardboard box 12x15"
  • Possibly some more cardboard, another box should do it.
  • Hot glue gun or some kind of glue that is good for cardboard
  • Xacto knife for cutting cardboard
  • 1 marble



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Let's Get Started!

Cardboard box

Ok, I started with this box. It's perfect for this project and about 12x15 inches and 3 1/2 inches deep. You can improvise from other size boxes. Make your game any size you want. And you can improvise by cutting apart several boxes.


Cut off the flaps

Cut the flaps off. Now we have a nice playing board.


Insert a base

The marble needs to roll around very freely in the bottom of the box so cut a piece of cardboard and glue it in. Or tape the flaps in the bottom of the box so everything is as smooth as possible.


Cut two holes

Cut out two holes in the box like this. They are the size of a quarter which is good for average size marbles. If you are using a larger marble make bigger holes.


Add a piece on the right corner

Add an angled piece like this to the hole on the right. This small area will be the only area that you can drop the marble and win the game.


Add support pieces

Now use those 1 1/2 wide pieces as various support pieces. The black arrows show to put a double layer all the way around the inner edge. The red arrows show to put three support pieces in the middle area. Those support pieces are just to hold the top surface strong. Make sure you don't block anything off. You want a marble to be able to get to that hole on the left from anywhere on the board. Except of course that little triangular area we made around the other hole.


Cut another piece

Measure and cut a piece of cardboard to fit in the box right on top of all those support pieces. Don't glue this piece in.

NextOk, Let's continue and make the playing surface. You can also watch the video tutorial below.


You can watch the video tutorial right here:


Labyrinth Wooden Maze Game with Two Steel Marbles, Puzzle Game for Adults, Boys and Girls by Hey! Play!

X-acto designer series knife #1 blade


Hot glue gun

Will's Favorite Hot Glue Gun

Surebonder PRO2-100 100-Watt High Temperature Industrial Glue Gun, Black